It is fastest digital rgb pixel led chip HD107s in the world so far.

it will be the Most promising &hot selling digital pixel led chip in 2019,

with PWM refresh rate: 27kHz and transmission speend40MHZ,                  

 it is Absolutelya best choice to replace apa102/ apa102C(2016)/sk9822 LED,bec it is much more stable and faster,


Product Description
HD107S RGB LED chip is same with APA102 with one IC for the three-colors RGB diming control strip and string,

this ic use the CMOS process to provide three-colors RGB LED output driver to adjust the output with 256 grey scale (8 bits)and 32 brightness adjustment,

HD107s RGB LED diodes with 2 signal output way, one is clock , another is data, the clock and data are synchronized, so that the crystal cascade piece of output movement is synchronized.


Product Advantages

  • PWM refresh rate: 28kHz, Oscillator frequency(Transmission speed): 40Mhz(apa102 with PWM frequency20KHZ,apa107with9KHz,sk9822with 4.7kHZ,)
  • HD107sLED with less voltage drop VS apa102/sk9822 LLED,
  • one roll(5meters)can be powered with one power input without color difference,
  • The HD107s LED with higher energy saving than apa102 sk6812,
  • The HD107sled lights up looks like linear lighting ,large lighting beam
  • Pure copper bracket and 99.99% Gold wire for HD107Pixel LED chip
  • CMOS process, low voltage, low consumption
  • Synchronization of two-way
  • Choose positive output or negative RGB three-color LED output
  • 256 Gray scale(8bits)
  • Build-20ma constant current output
  • With self-detection signal build in support for continuous oscillation PWMoutput, can be maintained static screen

Technical Parameters
Item No.: HD107s 5050 RGB
LED Type: 5050 SMD
Voltage: DC5V
Color: RGB
Description: 256 grey scale,(8bits) one clock cable, one data cable

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LED billboard, LED screen,,



HD107s 2020-RGB /HD107s 3535-RGB on the market already.

Contact with us for samples if you need