what is COB led strip ?

what is COB led strip ?   COB即Chips on Board,意思是芯片直接封装在PCB板上。COB灯带就是将芯片封装在软板上的灯带。芯片多采用倒装芯片,呈线性固晶在PCB板上,然后在芯片表面直接滴一层混合有荧光粉的封装胶水。外观酷似一条拉面粘在PCB板上,芯片发出的光在封装胶体里面通过折射、反射,以及与荧光粉的相互作用,胶体均匀的发出不同颜色,色温的光。 COB stands for Chips on Board, which means that the chip is directly packaged on the PCB. The COB light strip is a light strip that encapsulates the chip on a flexible board. Chips mostly use flip-chips, which are linearly solid-bonded on the PCB, and then a layer of packaging glue mixed with phosphor is directly dropped on the surface of the chip. The appearance is exactly like a piece of ramen [...]

Rose Lighting Lighting software Madrix Training with Pixel led light start now!

Rose Lighting   Lighting software Madrix Training with  Pixel light start now! We did Training Accessories test and make sure all work before delivery ! Accessories  package: Rigid Pixel led board , Quality  led transformer , H802RA art net led controller ,led power cable ,network cable,  marix key USB dongle  and one to one video teaching! In total usd 433 only! Led controller specification: https://www.rose-lighting.com/products/h802ra-artnet-ws2811-ws2812b-ws2801-led-decoder-led-strip-light-madrix-pixel-controller-dmx-artnet-controller/ quality 5V led power supply specification: https://www.rose-lighting.com/products/quality-quiet-led-power-supply-70a-5v-output/ Rigid Pixel led panel specification: https://www.rose-lighting.com/customized-rigid-pixel-led-panel-introduction/   we focus on Pixel led manufacture and project solution since 2012 in shenzhen [...]

How much per meter for led strip ?

How much per meter  for led strip? Many buyers focus on price first  always ,no share their requirments and project details , There are so many kinds of light strips on the market that make people hard to choose, so how can you  know the price of the led strip which you want to buy? Let’s share it with everyone today. long long  ten years ago, led strip lighting have been widely used in urban lighting, beautiful night scenes, and interior decoration in our [...]

rose lighting common led strip product introduction

Rose lighting common led strip product introduction we  focus on flexible led strip series 3528 series:30leds/m、60leds/m、96leds/m、120leds/m、180leds/m、240leds/m/ 2835 seriees:30leds  60leds  120leds  180leds  240leds  384 leds  480leds per meter 5050 series :30s leds  48leds  60leds  96leds  120leds per meter 5630 series : 30leds   60leds   120leds per meter 5730 series :60 leds  120leds per meter 3535 series :60leds  120leds per meter 335 side viewing :60 leds  120leds per meter 3014 series :60leds   70leds   120leds  140leds  204 leds    240leds per meter 4014 series : 70leds   120leds   240leds  per meter 2216 series :240 leds  [...]

welcome to visit Rose Lighting showrooms to join in us to light up your life colorful!

welcome to visit Rose Lighting showrooms to join in us to light up your life colorful! https://www.instagram.com/p/CLzJM1GA9dJ/ Rose Lighting step led  stair lighting system exhitbition board show Rose Lighting Pixel led strip light  exhitbition  control by app smart led controller sp105e sp107e and sp108e Rose Lighting Digital pixel led strip exhibition show panel control by programming sd controller Rose Lighting silicone flex led tube suitcase( flexible led strip inside all types silicone tube) Rose Lighting Pixel led bar suitcase (flexible led strip mounted inside the [...]

Dc24V 12V DMX512  5050 RGB pixel led strip UCS512 C3   (donot need dmx decoder)

Dc24V Dc12V   DMX512  5050 RGB pixel led strip UCS512 C3   (donot need dmx decoder)   Our DMX RGB  flexible led strip is super strong dmx signal strip with A,B signal parallel signal transfer. 5 cables ( PI/PO address writing wire, A(Dmx+),B(Dmx-),GND), and  DC24V,the MAX485 is inside the DMX512 IC ,It can be cut ,can be parallel and series connection . Product details Product Name RL-STR-dmx512-5050RGB-60-12V/24V LED Qty 60leds/m DMX512 Qty 10 pcs with 24V   20pcs with 12V DMX channel 30 channels with 24V   60channels with 12V PCB Width 12mm wide Voltage DC24V  Dc12V Watt 14.4W PCB Color White PCB Black PCB IP Rating IP20/IP65/IP67/IP68 Controller DMX512 Art-Net/DVI/DMX Controller Product Keywords Dc24V [...]

Best seller -DC12V Digital 5050 pixel rgb led strip 20pixels 60leds/m ws2811

Best seller -DC12V Digital 5050 pixel rgb led strip 20pixels 60leds/m ws2811 in 2020 we have a good sales of the  all type of led strip  more than  1 ,500 ,000 meters in total in 2020.( 780,000 meters best seller included)   Introduction Led type: 5050 SMD RGB LED IC type: ws2811 PCB Width:10mm Led lighting angle: 120° LED Q’ty:  60led/m.  20Pixels/m IP Rating IP20, IP65, IP67, IP68. IP20 Non-waterproof with 3M sticker on the back, IP65 waterproof is silicone gel or epoxy on the surface, IP67: silicone tube,(silicone [...]

2021 Popular led strip intruction from Rose Lighting-which we have in stock always

2021 Popular led strip item intruction from Rose Lighting,which we have in stock always  Rose Lighting’s 2020  has gone aways with satisfied  ending .we will focus on 2021 with detailed  planing our key products  consist of  monochrome led strip ,CCT series ,dual white  series ,RGB/RGBW series ,fullcolor/digital series,DMX512 series,there are many custozied  type too,more than 400pcs  kinds of led strip, Below we list 26pcs  LED strip ,which we used a lot for our projects,which is popular  and in stock always ,can [...]

Today is the celebration for Rose Lighting Eighth year anniversary

Today is the celebration for Rose Lighting Eighth year anniversary Firstly, We would like to many thanks for our supply  partners  supporting  us  and are offering  us quality&stable  raw  material and competitive price and delivery in time always , then  thanks for all our workamtes work hard  all this year , and then  thanks for our clients’ understanding and cooperation with us to light up the world colorful! Even though the competition is fierce, and  the epidemic delayed our project and affect us alot [...]

Rose Lighting Digital Pixel led strip with Aluminium profile light up EMD music nightparty in Zhuhai 

Rose Lighting Digital Pixel led strip with Aluminium profile light up EMD music nightparty in Zhuhai  Project address: EMD music nightparty in Zhuhai (珠海市EMD电音派对酒吧) Lighting Type: Dc12V  Digital  Pixel led strip high brightness ,which is mounted inside the black aluminium profile with size 20mmX20mm(LXH) Aluminium profile type Download the popular Aluminium profile catalog  for led strip here please  Installing  method : by aluminium clips and screw in total  230meters  Download the detailed  specification for Digital pixel led strip Dc12v  please    This project is control by  LM501 led controller [...]

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