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Here is a collection of Flash swf Animations and tol aniamtion for your Pixel LED Animation needs with lededit and others Download and Extract it using win rar .Will be uploading daily . LED animation Tol files and frash swf animations files 2019Ledplayer_k_4.9.3 2019Lededit_k_5.1 2014 lededit (support Previous led controller before 2015) offline LED Building program software online led studio program software Neon Play LED animation edit software   Thanks for attention please

 Seventh anniversary for Rose Lighting

Today is the celebration for Rose Lighting Seventh anniversary Firstly, We would like to many thanks for our supply  partners support  us  and offer us quality  raw  material and competitive price and delivery in time always , then  thanks for led controller  partner and engineers  professional Technical support at anywhere and anytimes to light up project successfully  all these years and then to thanks for all hard work from our dear workmates and support from our clients all the way always . Even though [...]

APA102 LEDs have problem At 24 MHz? You can try HD107s LED

HD107S LEDs don’t any trouble at 24 MHz. According to Paul Stoffregen’s Articles on December 6, 2017December 7, 2017, we know the APA102 LEDs strips have the problem at 24 MHz, usually after 150 to 250 LEDs.  But why?  Here’s his attempt to investigate: One tempting explanation is signal quality problems due to horribly messy unterminated wiring carrying high speed signals, as in this photo! But it turned out to be a more fundamental timing problem. In this test, a Teensy 3.2 runs the FastLED [...]

sk6812 ws2812B Pixel RGB led chip info

as we all know ,sk6812 and ws2812B Pixel LED is the most popular among all pixel led , bec it is stable and a  absolutely  Economic choice  for normal  project . but there are two Types  in the market The quality Type  for ws2812B/sk6812 LED with  Pure gold wire and use epistar LED chip ,same as follow  Specification 1.warranty:3years 2.the LED lamp with Pure gold wire use epistar led chipset(( the led chipset is bigger than sananLED chipset,make a big luminous surface)) 3.lifespan :30,000 Hours。 4.Luminance:2800-3000MCD 5.Gold -content :99.9%pure gold [...]

HD108 LED with grayscales 65536(16bits)- update of HD107s LED

HD108 LED  is the upgraded version of HD107s, same PWM refresh rate: 27kHz, transmission  speed  40M bps max but gray lever 65536(16bits), which will on Market on December 2019. welcome to  order in advance ,but only 100pcs  108 RGB pixel LED Per Person, if you need HD108 led strip , only 5meters  per person Application: the HD108  LED can be used to make  led strip ,led tube, pixel led  dot , led bar,ect . Brief of HD108  LED The fastest digital pixel led HD108 -it is a [...]

Operating tips on how to do wiring with our HD107s LED

Operating tips on how to do wiring with our HD107s LED . 1) Our HD107s LED with working voltage Dc5V 0.3W (max). 2) if you use power supply Model: LRS-350-5V ,, one pcs power supply work with800pcs led ( max) . if you have 801 pcs led , use two power supply ( all power supply cannot make 100% use of Rated power) . 3) All wiring connection should be connected according to wiring chart ,cannot make random wiring connection ,make sure the [...]

HD107s pixel RGB led will become the best seller in Pixel led industry , (a replacement of APA102/APA102C/APA107/SK9822)

HD107s pixel RGB led will become the best seller in  Landscape Lighting , the HD107s  LED can be used to make  led strip ,led tube, pixel led  dot , led bar,ect . Brief of HD107s  LED The fastest digital pixel led HD107s -it is a update of apa102 led, which is Absolutely a best perfect pixel led to  replace  APA102/APA102C/APA107/SK9822, bec it is much more stable and faster and energy saving . and HD107s LED has the fastest Transmission speed and refresh Rate among all digital [...]

love pixel led strip and love rose lighting

It is delight to welcome friends from afar This is Mr Mohamed Eino and Mr Mohamed Hosny and his cute daugher  ,there are family company located in Cairo Egypt,who did led screen bussiness mainly before , this is their first to make full color pixel led strip project for a time Tunnel,,bec the  pixel led market is very popular  in  Egypt , it can be used widely ,such as 1. Night Club 2. KTV singing club 3. Dance floor 4. TV Show Back gound 5. Stage,Disco Club 6,game machaine 7,amusment equipments 8. Outdoor building,fridge.. 9 [...]

May we have your attention please

Hello everyone ,, May i have your attentions please all Default shipping with rose lighting logo on PCB , If need blank PCB or your own logo,,advice us in advance We welcome ODM and OEM too. Join rose lighting to light up a colorful life . Rose lighting- focus on pixel led strip since 2012 project case , please visit my youtube channels more new items ,, please follow us by facebook Thanks for all attention please    

SK9822 – a clone of the APA102?

from Tom’s blog Two years ago we  took a deeper look into the APA102. Although it was more expensive than the common WS2812, and harder to come by, it had some intriguing properties. The main benefits are a timing-insensitive  SPI interface, allowing easy interfacing to standard periphery, and a much higher PWM frequency of >19kHz, making the APA102 almost flicker free. So much about that. Considering how things with LEDs from China go, it should not take too long for clones to appear? [...]

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