Brief introduction about Rose Lighting

Brief introduction about Rose Lighting About US Rose Lighting is a pixel led lighting products designing, production and supplying company with more ten years experience, maily focuses on pixel led strips, pixel led dots, amusements lights manufacturing and supplying for decoration lighting in bar, club, wedding hall, theme parks,  commercial building, etc. Rose Lighting is not only limited to pixel led lighting products manufacturing and supplying , it also offers assistance in project solutions through it’s highly skilled engineers. the one-stop solution for all your pixel [...]

Rose lighting lights up your wedding colorful and owesome !

Rose lighting Pixel led strip lights up your wedding colorful and owesome ! Technology advtange: Programming shadowdraw led software with Automatically identify drawing map smartly the can use recording toolng to record the madrix software to play the madrix effect when online , or copy to sd card when offline. This project is Designed and installed by  Mr   Promise  lighting engineer! address:  Grand Hotel Vienna in  Pu Luo  district in shanghai china 1)Light  Type LB1934A pixel led strip with silicone gel coating  Specification: Color:Full Color (RGB addressable) LED Quantity: 60 [...]