3D outdoor fairy led cubic box light up your stage colorful!

 Rental Box 3D Pixel Lamp #3DPixelLamp #3DLightCube #3DCrystalLamp#3Dfiary led lamp

waterproof 360viewing  illuminated 3D  12v 5V dual signal fairy pixel led mesh  lights up your night colorful !

waterproof 360viewing  illuminated 3D  12v 5V dual signal fairy pixel led string lights up your show colorful !

waterproof 360viewing  illuminated 3D  12v 5V dual signal fairy pixel led string lights up your wedding colorful !

about fairy led string as follow 


Led fairy strings advantage:

1.Cheap . It will save about 70% costs compared than 12MM WS2811 led pixel , and could reach the same effects.

2.Easy for installation . Like 12mm digital pixels need open a 12mm holes for it , and takes much time for big project like over 50000 Pixels.While led fairy products, could stick on the board ,save much time and labor fees.

3.Save about 66.7% power supply fees, compared than 12mm led pixel . For led fairy products, it is 0.1W for 12V and about 0.06W for 5V. While about 0.3W for 12mm ws2811 pixels . About 3 times than fairy products.

4.About each 300leds connect to power supply . While 150 pcs for good quality 12mm led pixel , and 100 pcs for normal quality .   3 times or 2 times labor fees when installation.

5.Support artnet controller softwares, display 3D effects, videos, images. 

6.IP67 waterproof for outdoor use . 2 years warranty and aftersale service,

7.we used the GX12 4pin plug to conect to the led power panel .

8.waterproof 12V dual signal fairy pixel LED string lights are adaptable and robust,

making them suitable for indoor and outdoor occasions such as weddings.


12V 5V  fairy pixel led string can make customized length as you need .

About the led controller and led power supply

HDMI Led master (support HDMI and offline and online and dmx512 console )

led slave controller system  inside the led power panel  to make interated panel -this way to make 

individual  led display module –just need to combine toghether to make fast joint and east to install.

the led power supply and led slave controller inside the led power panel 

donot hesitate to conatct with us for details if you interest about the new technology.

take a note -the fairy led string can be used to make display screen ( a good replacment of led display )

-save cost -portable -and outdoor – stable -flexible -high brightness -Small pixel pitch P1.25cm as follow 

P2 5cm distance fairy pixel led display project case with 400led per square meter ( one kit  on on big promotion )


About US

Rose Lighting is   professional pixel lighting manufacturer ,which integrating production, R&D, sales and engineering .

we focus on led strip and pixel led dot and pixel led tube and pixel led bar   and project solution since 2012 in shenzhen china。

we take care of  KTV, bars, wedding halls, outdoor lighting Mai Jazz light strips ~ pixel strip projects!

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we offer  various exhibitions, commercial performances, TV stations ~Madrix programming,

3D stereo programming, familiar with various software manufacturers in the market, rich on-site experience,

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Our Main Type:

Pixel led strip ,
dmx512 led strip ,
digital led strip ,
RGB led strip ,
CCT dimmable led strip ,
neon flex led strip ,

Pixel led dot /ball/tube

normal led strip and customized led strip led controller and accessories


-focused on manufactuering led strip  more than 10 years.

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– more than 100 project case each year .

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enjoy our new project and product details as follow if you interest.