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Here share our hoteselling dmx512 led grid with you :

1. Size : 3m*6m

2.Led pixel quantity: 75 Pixel *150Pixel

3.Controller system: H803TV  master controller with H802RA slave controller

4.Power: DC12V 0.48W per led light .


For controller system :

1.H803TV master controller.

LED DVI controller H803TV LED Master Controller Support 400000 Pixel DMX /SPI LIVE Transmission controller computer or DVI to LED Display

1.Control maximum 400000 pixels with four output network interfaces and connect maximum 1020 slave controllers.
2.With DVI/HDMI interface, connect any devices with DVI/HDMI 3.Supports DVI video splitter and can be divided by H803TC.
4.Support kinds of resolutions,such as 1280X1024、1280X960、1280X720、1600X1200、1024X768.
5.Adopt auto-run USB to transmit data,which is applied to both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.


2.H802RA slave controller. Use net cable to connect the master controller H803TV.

H802RA Artnet WS2811 ws2812b WS2801 Led Decoder Led Strip Light Madrix Pixel Controller DMX Artnet Controller

1.Each slave controller can control 4096 pixels with four output ports.
2.The cascade wire of adjacent slave controllers can reach up to 100 meters.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       3.Transmit data according to Ethernet Protocoland artnet protocol,can be connected to computer directly 4.Protoctive circuits for output overvoltage and overcurrent


3.The IC chip this system support:



Here, we put the 4 pcs salve controller and the power supply together, make it into a 16 ports more function box .  and the 16 pcs conenctor which provide both provide signal and power .In this way :

1.The project looks more succint , more modern . No mess wires, connectors .

2.It save much costs of cables and connctors .

3.It saves the install time and it is easier to maintaintence . Save your labor costs.


Amd other 8 ports new controller for your reference :



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