New RGB led piano floor with amazing function  and very easy to use!

 voice come from glass vibration!

the New RGB led piano floor with audio decoder and capacitance sensor module  and controller inside , Completely sealed , voice come from glass vibration,

the piano Music notes inside the audio decoder , if you need other music , can usd USB cable to connect it to computer to download your factorite mucis ,

it will be stored on the audio decoder ,bec with sd card inside .but the music play last 30 secerts only! the light will be power off suddenly when you leave away from the led floor .

also ,you can connect it to audio speaker to make your Play favorite music aloud ,

also ,the dmx512 led decoder inside , can connect with dmx512 console directly .

size: 100cmX30cm (LXW) 80cmX20cm (LXW) 50cmX50cm (LXW) 30cmX30cm (LXW) or round type with diamater 50cm  optional

Four construction as follow

1)RGB 5050 flex  led strip Dc24V 60leds /m

5050 RGB flex led strip Dc24V 60led/M

2)shell: Tempered glass+transmit lighting plate+metal frame(Glossy glass to light up a good lighting effect)

3)led controller +audio decoder with sd card  +Capacitive sensor +cable  combinated on one PCB board ..inside the floor …

4) donot forget to  use Dc24V led power supply to power on the 24V RGB led stirp inside the led floor .