Comparison of waterproof level(IP Ratings)for our led strip :

Due to the different decoration place, we offer you a waterproof IP rating below:

Ingress Protection (IP) ratings indicate the protection that an electrical product (such as our waterproof LED lights) offers against dust and moisture. The higher the IP value, the better protection your waterproof LED strips to offer.

IP20: Non-waterproof, 3M adhesive tape at back, with no guaranteed dust/water protection, easy to install, please don’t touch the water. it’s ideal for internal use only.

IP54: Nano-proof, nano-coating waterproof technology. No colour changing and very good heat dissipation. Applicable to the damp environment.

IP65: Coated with silicon glue, 3M adhesive tape at back, they offer general protection and are easy to wipe and clean. they’re ideal for installation under kitchen cabinets and in bathrooms.

IP67: Silicone tube, rain-proof, can be installed externally and are protected against regular water contact, but don’t into water.

IP68: Silicone tube with glue in, fully waterproof, can be put into water.