HD107s pixel RGB led will become the a good seller in Pixel led industry , (a replacement of APA102/APA102C/APA107/SK9822)

bec it has fasest PWM refresh rate and transfer speed among all ,

the HD107s  LED can be used to make  led strip ,led tube, pixel led  dot , led bar,ect .

Brief of HD107s  LED

The fastest digital pixel led HD107s -it is a update of apa102 led,
which is Absolutely a best perfect pixel led to  replace  APA102/APA102C/APA107/SK9822,
bec it is much more stable and faster and energy saving .

What is the difference between HD107s ,apa107,apa102 and SK9822 led strips
APA102: 20+ kHz PWM  refresh rate, transmission rate 20MHZ:
APA107: 9 kHz PWM  refresh rate , transmission rate 30MHZ;
SK9822: 4.7 kHz PWM refresh rate , transmission rate 2MHZ;
HD107s: 27+ kHz PWM refresh rate (the upgrade of APA107), transmission rate 40MHZ
In conclusion, HD107s led   is one real product that can replace APA102/sk9822 led,

Advanatages of  HD107s LED

1, CLK+Data double wire transfer
2, PWM refresh rate can be +27kHz
3, Max transfer speed is 40MHz.
4, And HD107s  with built-in sleep function, no work no electric consumption, very good for battery-powered application,
5,HD107s  Led lights up more brightness ,large lighting beam,
6,  8bits ; grade gray scales 65536 ( 16 bits)optional
7,HD107s  LEDs, the upgrade of HD107s LED,
8,You can see the difference of HD107s  and APA102 LED Strip, they are both 5m length.When light up white color, APA102 led strip has color mixed, not pure white color, so voltage drop is obvious….
HD107s  LED strip is better, white color, no voltage drop within 5m length



test result of HD107s led ,please see

Below is video of HD107s VS apa102 led ,please appreciate ,

Project case of HD107s led tube work with Resolume Arean 6 /madrix/Freestyler/arkaos software and art net controller


more project case ,please appreciate our  youtube chanels



click here to download the HD107s RGB led chip data sheet please

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