To be an expert on led : how to choose the power supply for our DC5/12/24V led products ?


Hi everyone , glad to meet you on Rose Lighting !  Here to share  the power supplies with you !

Before choose the corrct power supply we need , we need to calcualte the power consumption of our led products, for example :

We have  500 meters DC12V 60LED 20Pixel WS2811 led strip , while the power consumpation of strip is 14.4W/m .

1.We need to know how long strips we connect to power , usually we make it every 10 meters connect to power . In this case , the 500 meters strips is divided into 50 parts, each part 10 meters.

2.We need to calculate the power consumption of each part : 14.4w/M *10 meters = 144W.

3.We need to know the effective rate of the power supply , usually a 100W power supply can not pure 100W power to led products after years work , it might be 70W,80W,or 90w,95W. We use meanwell  power supply ,the effective rate is bigger than 90% .

4.We need 144W power per part, while the effective rate we make it 90%, so the true  watts the power supply we need is : 144w/90%=160W.

5. So  the power supply we need is 160W for only one part, or 160W*2 for 2 parts, 160W *3 for 3 parts…………………  Then you can choose the power supply you use depends on your personal  designs.

The following is our power supply for your reference :


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