For the whole project , it consists of 4 big parts:

1.The hall .

2.The corridor.

3.The private party room .

4.The private living house room .

The 4 parts all use various led strip, inlcluding :

1.Single clor led strip in red color, green color.

COB strips has bigger led densities , and no dark area , so it is widely used  now.

Of course ,  it is available for traditional more stable 2835 led strips for your projects, like the following :

And private Human body induction  2835 led strips, it is amazing if used in the coddirdors.

That;s the single color led strips we used in this project, 2835 led strip and COB led strips both are popular now .


2.Digital led strip . 

For project use, it needs high safety, so we use SK6813, GS8208 these 2 signal wire led strip , or DMX512 protocol led strip.

In this case, if any led is broken , others will keep work.

Not only this project, it widelyapply to other  projects, like the Benz car exhibition:

3. Silicon neon led strip light . 

Silicon led strip has big advantge in :

1.IP67,IP68 waterproof .

2.No led dots ,the color light effect is very smooth , and fashionable.

And we use covered neon led strips, to help to make customized  shape ,like letters ,LOGOs,DIY needs. Advantge :
1. Normal neon strip might damage the leds when pull the strip across the tube, while in this way , we can stick the strip firstly , and covered it . It wont need pull the led strip , then prevent to damage the leds.
2.Easily improved. For normal neon strip , if one led broken , we can not replace the leds,we can only replace the whole tube which cost too much . While if we use covered neon tube, we just take off the tube and improve the led strips.
It can save much time and money in aftersale service.
3.Customized length . For normal led strips , we usually make it 1 meter, 2 meter by standard length , if we need to make it 3.55 meter, it bring problem . While if we use covered neon tube , any length is available. As we can but any length silicon neon tubes.


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