> Minimum order 5 meters,less than 5 meters will not be shipped,discounts for quantities greater than 500 meters.

>All products are out of stock, please confirm with customer service for delivery time,prevent delays the progress of your project.

>Single white neon lights,please specify the color temperature:3000K warm white ,4000K natural white,6000K cold white.

>Built-in light strip can choose all color marquee:5V ,12V,24V,DMX512,single color marquee,etc.

>Built-in light strip can be replaced freely,please consult customer service!!

Product parameter:

>Product name:Environmentally friendly silicone odorless flexible 270 degree luminous round led neon strip

>Product discription:built-in SK6812-3535-RGB,   96lights/meter,   DC5V,  6.7w/m,   IP67 waterproof,   5meter/volume

>Grayscale level: 256 level

>Beam angle:120°

>Beam color:monochrome white light,can choose warm white ,cold white or natural color ,Special color temperature 1800K-12000K needs to be customized

>Product size: 5000 x 13 x 13 (mm)  diameter 13mm

>Packing:5meter/volume,electrostatic bag packaging

>My compony can provide supporting LED controller and power supply for you .


Application field:

> City outline lighting(villa, advertising wall, signboard, Christmas landscape decoration)

> Irregular design decoration (multi-deformed walls in shopping malls, hotels, nightclubs, KTV places, ceiling groove design lights)

> Public lighting (hospitals, villas, bridges, parks, stadiums, swimming pools, airports, subway stations, stations, etc.)

> Furnishing concealed grooves (door frames, bar counters, wine cabinets, wardrobes, TV cabinets, etc.)

> Car beauty (car body, car bottom, unicycle, balance car, etc.)

> Support for underwater lighting projects