S3600KTV intelligent controller integrates multiple control functions in one, which can control lighting , 512 signal effect lights, RGB LED strips, full-color LED strips, air conditioning, exhaust, dimming, service lights, power amplifiers, karaoke music playback control ,Shake signal detection, audio detection and wireless control functions,and so on .It is a highly integrated KTV intelligent control device.For tradition, it is a kind of subversion; for the future, it is bound to be a change!

1)Can limit the upper and lower limits of dimming brightness
2)Can be directly connected to the lighting control board, Separate from the song system and central control box to run independently
3)Can realize single-channel light independent switch control
4)Can be directly connected to a set-top box or a computer through a serial port , combined with a song system to centrally control the lighting
5)Can cooperate with the song system to automatically switch different lighting scenes for different types of songs

Centrally control:

Intelligent to set the air conditioning and lighting scenes, realizing one-key switching of lighting scenes, centralized control of air conditioning and exhaust

512 Signal light control:

Through computer programming or lighting console programming and save in the controller, realizing  the control of moving head light, laser and other DMX512 lamps

Shake control:

Connect with the microphone power supply box , detect the power of the microphone and convert it into a scene command to realize automatic scene switching


Support to adjust the brightness of the light and expand the number of light channels


Support the led strip light controller,realize the ever-changing color of LED light through branch control of 3-color LED light strip

Full-color led control:

Support to connect DMX512 full-color led controller,realizes the control of  full-color effects such as LED lights with marquee lights, jumps, and gradients,ect.

Air conditioning control:

Real-time monitoring of the box temperature, intelligent adjustment of the fan speed valve switch, combined with the LCD air-conditioning wall panel, realizes the intelligent constant temperature of the box, centralized air conditioning control, and easily creates a comfortable and pleasant K song environment

Computer program:

Connected to the computer, through the software to program the lighting scene effect, the interface operation is simple and easy to understand, and it is convenient for the engineers to debug

Backup and restore:

Can back up the set lighting effects to the computer, copy and restore easily

Audio detection:

Support connecting audio detectors to realize sound and light interaction.

Network remote control:

Connect with the switch, remotely control the light control and air-conditioning of the private room through the computer network at the front desk, providing guests with a comfortable karaoke environment.

TF card storage:

Large-capacity storage, support live recording of large-scale lighting DMX512 effects, recording lighting effects, automatic connect between in and out, making debugging more convenient


Performance characteristics

1) eight output ports,control up to 8192 pixels,each port can control up to 1024 pixels.

2)SD card supports FAT32 and FAT16 formats, with a maximum capacity of 64G bytes and above, and a maximum of 64 DAT files are allowed

3)Multiple controllers are powered on at the same time and can be synchronized by AC power.

4) Can be connected to the DMX console, can change files, adjust the speed and brightness, and respond quickly.

5)With buttons and LCD screen and it is convenient to set various parameters.

6)Support the encryption function to limit the number of times of power-on.

7)Support automatic addressing of Huacanxing single-line addressing decoder board.

Audio detector KTV gym lighting music synchronization control

The S-161 audio detector collects the high, medium, and low frequency output from the audio effector, converts it into a digital signal to the lighting controller to achieve sound and light interaction.

Technical parameter:

Dimensions: 150MM*70MM*30MM

Low frequency : 200-300HZ

Working voltage: DC=12V

Working power consumption: 4W

Low frequency interface: Canon socket (XLR)

Intermediate frequency interface: Canon socket (XLR)

Music voice control connection diagram

KTV inductive touch panel