Operating tips on how to do wiring with our HD107s LED .
1) Our HD107s LED with working voltage Dc5V 0.3W (max).

2) if you use power supply Model: LRS-350-5V ,, one pcs power supply work with800pcs led ( max) .
if you have 801 pcs led , use two power supply ( all power supply cannot make 100% use of Rated power) .

3) All wiring connection should be connected according to wiring chart ,cannot make random wiring connection ,make sure the right signal input and signal output .

4) Use 2.5 pure copper cable or more than 2.5 cable , use good Signal cable .

5)P1 P2 P3,,,, which means the 1th from evert signal input .

6)we advice one port with one power supply,,every power supply work individually ,unconnected ,
then you can figure out the power problem easily , 1th power supply no work , it made all lights on Port 1 ,,no light up

7) power cables on the end of each strip ,, both need connceted to 2.5 main cables ,, cannot make series connection .

8)make sure to distinguish the Positive and negative, donot make short curcuit ,

9)make sure the enough power to drive led ,, if you need to drive the led ,, must to use power supply ,,cannot drive led by
controller ,, when you make white color program for led ,, there is red , pink color happeing,, bec of the power is not

10) there are some reason make power not enough or drop much as follow

Thin cable
Long cable
Led light string connected in series,, donot connected to the 2.5 main line .
Bad quality power supply

11) for example Meanwell power supply Model LRS-350-5V has three power outpouts ,, must to make good use of every power output ,,
if you have 800pcs led only ,, make three 2.5main cable.
if you use one power outout to work with 800pcs ,it will make voltage drop and do bad to the lifespan of power suply .

12) signal cable and AC220V cable and Dc5V power cable must to be seperated , to avoid the interference.
13)when you are do wiring , make sure the connector is connected well ,we advice Soldering with tin .
14)make sure the controller is good and make good proection ,,if you need change sd card ,, please cut off the power
before you plug out the sd card .
15) when you do wiring ,, make sure power if cut off .
saftey is first and then we can light up life colorful !!!

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