DIY Pixel led square ceiling panel ws2811

DIY Pixel led square panel size: 45cmX45cm(LXW) unit:cm LED Type:ws2811  RGB Pixel led strip Dc12V  20pixels 60leds/m  nonwaterproof Ip20 9pcs  ws2811 pixel led strip inside ( 42cm long per strip) inside the white square covering. DC12V  52watt/pcs ws2811 IC chipset (SPI protocel) control :arduino ,raspberrypi,sd controller ,art net ,dmx ,,,ect Power :Dc12V Outout led power supply unit price about 18 per pcs  Video show     

RGB piano stair led floor 

RGB piano stair led floor  it is light off or white light on when you go away from the RGB piano led floor , it lights up RGB gradual change effect and play Piano rhythm when it is light up it lights up by PIR sensor automatically. When you go away , it will turn off or keep white lught onautomatically, which is greatly Energy saving…. specification for our RGB piano  led foor  there are induction PIR switch at sides of each ladder if you [...]

Stepping stair led lighting Kit

Stepping stair led lighting Kit Package details 1: customzied RGB stair led controller with audio decoder and  audio player function included ,1pcs; 2: Receiver and transmitter mounted on each ladders ,20 pair; 3:led power supplt Dc12V  400watt 4pcs; 4:80meters  RGB led strip ( 4m longRGB led strip per ladders ,whcih is mounted inside LED Aluminium profile) Datesheet for RGB led strip : Video show we can make white color or other color to meet clients requirments  The  project accessories and cost as follow; item Photo P/N decription unit quanity Unit price(USD) amount(USD) product specification link 1 RL-STR–5050RGB-60-12V 1) LED Type:5050RGB led 2 )Led [...]

Addressable  white  led pixel panel -280mm dimater 

Addressable  white  led pixel panel -280mm dimater this is special shape=round shape There are  920pcs SMD white 2835 LED on board, very Bright, pitch is 8mm,ws2811 IC control ,one IC control 3leds , white pcb ,with two 3pin JST-SM female and male connectors at ends. you can control the led panel  and set it to any white  animation you want, For beauty and convenience, pads are on the back of the PCB. You can create animations, games……      

New dance led floor- Light up by RGB led strip and make New  deep visual effect by  Mirrow Acrylic

New dance led floor- Light up by RGB led strip and make New  deep visual effect by  Mirrow Acrylic Paramater  1. Voltage:AC90-240V,50/60HZ 2. Power Consumption: 28W 3. Light Source:120pcs SMD 5050 4. lightness(MCD/M²):700 5. Color: RGB 6.Housing Material: 1.2mm plastic steel 7.Supporting weight:500KG/m2 8.Cover Material:12mm Tempered glass 9.Life span ≥100,000 hours 10.Control mode: RGB led controller 11.External switch with remote control; app cotrol optional. 12. Dimension(mm):L500*W500*H60mm 13. more than 100 pcs Dynamic effect Video show detailed picture show speccial Mirrow Acrylic related project with  Mirrow Acrylic application  

new drum control pixel led strip set usd150 per set

new drum control pixel led strip usd150 per set (Package: 10meter pixel led strip and 1pcs led power supply Dc24V 400watt and 1pcs customzied led controller included) Dc24V Pixel led strip 36led 6 Pixels /m waterproof Ip67  Led type: 5050 SMD RGB LED IC type: ws2811 PCB Width:10mm Led lighting angle: 120° LED Q’ty:  36led/m. 6Pixels/m DC24V   8.64w/meter IP Rating IP20, IP65, IP67, IP68 optional IP20 Non-waterproof with 3M sticker on the back, IP65 waterproof is silicone gel or epoxy on the surface, IP67: silicone tube,(silicone sheathing ), IP68: silcone gel(or epoxy) [...]

Rose Lighting DIY Pixel led cube Light up your showroom 

Rose Lighting DIY Pixel led cube Light up your showroom  It is made by square led profile with digital pixel led strip inside , Light type:  DC12V  digital  RGB pixel led strip ws2811 60leds/m  20pixels/m strip mounted inside  square  aliuminum profile with side length:16mm Video show   Download the latest price list to all type of  Black Aliuminium profile here please , there is all you need ..   if there is any led project need budget or design , contact with us here please (there are free [...]

2020 Home improvement lighting new trendy,Step stairs and running water sensor led strip light

2020 Home improvement lighting new trendy,Step stairs and running water sensor led strip light 楼梯感应灯,相信大家都不陌生,简单来说就是安装在楼梯或在过道里面的,若有人经过就会自动感应照明,而没人的时候,其会自动关闭,起到节能省电的效果, 楼梯感应灯有非常多的方案,你喜欢哪一种呢? Stairs sensor  light, I believe everyone is familiar with it. Simply , it is installed in the stairs or in the aisle. If someone passes by, it  lights up by PIR sensor  automatically. When you go away , it will  turn off, automatically, which  is greatly Energy saving.. There are many solutions for stair sensor lights, which one do you like?  一.传统型地脚灯 solution one : Trasitional floor stair light  方案二.楼梯踏步板灯一踩一亮 solution two: floor stair light [...]

flex DIY rgb pixel led matrix/panel for costume show

This  flex DIY rgb pixel led matrix is designed my our enginer Mr pual ,who focus on led design since 2010,, which is used for a important costume show in Italy .the flex led matrix made up by two led panels , ( type A and type ,which is welded with Flexibleinsulated lead wires) which is designed to save FPCBdeveloping cost ,key specification as follow  1)Flexible digital LED panel 2)LED: 84pcs WS2812B-Mini-V2 3)size: 11.6cm*27.4cm( W*L) 4)Electric: Dc5V, 10W every panel 42LEDs (max) 5)Panel Type A&B, welded with Flexible insulated [...]

flex silicone Neon LED tube

Advantages of flex silicone Neon led tube  There are flat & curved flexible silicone Neon LED here Curved type can replace LED tube ; flat types can replace led linear; There are all Types of Neon led with 360 beam angle ,270 beam angle ,120 beam angle for optional ; there is no dark area and No light leakage for monochrome series; The length, power, brightness and CCT ,ect all can be customized at you want; can be folded and bent without problemand Easy to [...]

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