flex DIY rgb pixel led matrix/panel for costume show

This  flex DIY rgb pixel led matrix is designed my our enginer Mr pual ,who focus on led design since 2010,, which is used for a important costume show in Italy .the flex led matrix made up by two led panels , ( type A and type ,which is welded with Flexibleinsulated lead wires) which is designed to save FPCBdeveloping cost ,key specification as follow  1)Flexible digital LED panel 2)LED: 84pcs WS2812B-Mini-V2 3)size: 11.6cm*27.4cm( W*L) 4)Electric: Dc5V, 10W every panel 42LEDs (max) 5)Panel Type A&B, welded with Flexible insulated [...]

flex silicone Neon LED tube

Advantages of flex silicone Neon led tube  There are flat & curved flexible silicone Neon LED here Curved type can replace LED tube ; flat types can replace led linear; There are all Types of Neon led with 360 beam angle ,270 beam angle ,120 beam angle for optional ; there is no dark area and No light leakage for monochrome series; The length, power, brightness and CCT ,ect all can be customized at you want; can be folded and bent without problemand Easy to [...]

 RGB  pixelLED Ring make a DIY christmas tree

 RGB  pixelLED Ring make a DIY christmas tree There are 16 pcs  pixel led rings with different sizes. soldered together by cooper wire to make a christmas tree shape The outer diameters were divided into 320mm, 300.72mm,300.08mm,,,12.80mm PCB width just 8 mm,thickness is 1.6mm.DC5V inputIC chip:sk6812 (SPI protocel) Number 1 Ring:40pcs SMD5050 RGB,  dimater:320mm Number 2 Ring: 38cs SMD5050 RGB,   dimater:300.72mm Number 3 Ring: 36pcs SMD5050 RGB,   dimater:300.08mm Number 4 Ring: 34pcs SMD5050 RGB,   dimater:281.6mm Number 5 Ring: 32pcs SMD5050 RGB,   dimater:268.8mm Number 6 Ring: 30pcs SMD5050 RGB,  [...]

fastest HD107s digital rgb pixel led chip

fastest HD107s digital rgb pixel led chip HD107S is the upgraded version of APA107, PWM refresh rate >26kHz, Oscillator Frequency is 30MHz HD107S is the upgraded version of APA107, also best choice to replace APA102/APA102/SK9822,And more stable than apa102, sk9822 leds ,ect Product Description HD107S RGB LED chip is same with APA107 with one IC for the three-colors RGB diming control strip and string, this ic use the CMOS process to provide three-colors RGB LED output driver to adjust the output with 256 grey [...]

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