Flexible led strip with flexible rigid led aluminium profile and neon tube covering for indoor or outdoor use.

There is flexible led strip aluminium profile optional !

with the silicone neon tube covering , there is Even and soft light radiation, no glaring and no lighting spot,very bright.

There is  Detailed silicone neon tube suitcases introduction for led strip ,

in order to save labor cost and avoid the flexible pcb fracture problem for neon led tube ,

How about try the 2016 /2018 size silicone neon led tube Buckle cover,

you can make  waterprooof led strip for outdoor use !

if you want to long lifespan ,to use the led aluminium profile 

There are a lot silicone neon tube suitcases for led strip in stock! be our client ,free for you !

Brief silicone neon tube suitcases introduction , be our client ,free suitcase for your led project

Below is latest catalog for silicone neon tube-used for our led strip


Download the unit price list for silicone neon tube for led strip here please


There are a lot silicone neon tube suitcases for led strip for your showroom!
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