Fairy led string ligths up the outdoor tree for 2023 Merry christmas in Manila in the Philippines

Fairy led string  ligths up the outdoor  tree for 2023 Merry christmas  in Manila in the Philippines https://rose-lighting.cn/static/upload/video/20231114/1699955438128678.mp4 Project address:  a square in   in Manila in the Philippines Designing and drawing  Installing  method : waterproof fairy led string stick to the tree  Lighting Type:  New 12v Ws2811 4mm4mm size copper wire pixel led string light Click below for details please https://www.rose-lighting.cn/list_31/copperwirelightstring-14.html How to wiring https://rose-lighting.cn/static/upload/video/20231114/1699963975709652.mp4 Led control This project is control by  H807SA to play animation offline with sd card . https://www.rose-lighting.com/products/dmx-console-dmx-8086pixels-display-led-controller-h-807sa-support-offline-led-build-online-ledstudio-and-artnet-software/ Led power  the  rainproof waterproof led power supply with output 400watt  used  for project. The  [...]