It is use WS2811 led strip and  and  Shadow-1-6612  controller . 

1.WS2811 5050 RGB led strip with ALuminum shell and neon tubes. 

type 1) Dc12V ws2811 5050 RGB pixel led strip 60leds  20 pixels per meter with waterproof Ip68 for outdoor use

which is fixed to framce to make differnet  shape or patterns ,

Quantity: 400 meter    used for the project

click our website for detailed specification if you love it .

Type 2)Dc5V indivdidually addressable sk6812  5050 RGB pixel led strip with 60pixels per meter ,

the led strip  is mounted inside  the Black  Aluminium profile with 20mm 20mm size on the surface of the wall ,(surfaced mounted method)





Quantity: 900 meter   used for the project 

click our website for detailed specification if you love it .


Type 3)Dc12V ws2811 5050 RGB pixel led strip ,which is moutned in the  Black 20mm 20mm silicone tube size to make some    shape or patterns ,

with the flexible silicone neon tube , it protect led strip and make good lighting effect ,no light spot ,

Quanitty: 70meter   ,click our website for detailed specification if you love it ,

There are  two  type led controller  used for NB Club from Rose Lighting 


2.Shadow-1-6612  new controller with GICO wifi assistant .

Programming sd controller Shadow-1-6612  support 12X1024 pixels and workable software led build and suppor dmx512 console



How to use the GICO to make wiring digram ?

  1. Install the led products and controllers.
  2. Turn on the controller and GICO box .Pls note, pls note that do not insert the SD card in it .
  3. Connect the shadow-1-6612 controller to GICO wifi BOX.
  4. connect the PC to the wifi of GICO box
  5. Open the layout sowftare ,then start the wireless wiring layout diagram .

Advanatge :

1.It could make nice standard wiring diagram according to the project .

2.Wireless, no need use cables , connectors to conenct to the led products . Which will save time and labors fees. could test the special sections in the layout . Like if we order section 3 blue color in the wirding diagram , it will send signal to DMX controllers by WIFI . Then the section 3 will show green color . If not, there is IC broken .

So it will help us in aftersale maintainance .



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