Rose Lightng High Brightness 3D Pixel led string light up the pillar

For  led string we use , it is DC24V 1W double side super bright ness 360 degree  3D balls , you can find our who 3d ball strings in the following details :

23mm diamter 3D led pixel ball DC12V ws2811 SM16706 SPI control dmx512 type optional


For controller system :

We use H806SA controller , it is an online/offline controller :

1. Four output ports drive maximum 8192 pixels,each port controls maximum 1024 pixels. 2.Have DMX512 interface for DMX512 console change brightness,color, file,speed DMX512 ic address edit artnet protocol,one port support 4 universe maximum

2.The ic chip it can control almost all the chip in the market : DMX512、HDMX、DMX512_RDM、WS2811、WS2812、TM1812、TM1809、TM1804、TM1923、TM1934、TM1925D、TM1926D、TM1803、TM1814、TM1913、TM1914、TM1926、UCS1903、UCS1909、UCS1912、UCS2903、UCS2909、UCS2912、UCS8904、UCS5603、SK9816、SK6812、SM16711、SM16703、SM16709、SM16712、SM16704、XT1511,XT1505,XT1603,XT1801,XT1901、LPD1882、LPD1889、LPD1883、LPD1886、INK1003、APA104、LC8812、P9883、GW6205、QED3110

Input Voltage: AC220V ±10% Power Consumption:1W
Weight: 1Kg
Dimension: L190 x W125 x H40

3.For power supply , we use 24V 400W power supply :

rainproof Dc5V Dc12V Dc24V 400watt led power supply for project use with ce and rohs approved


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