Rose Lighting  Digital silicone neon flexible led tube  Lights up the  XXL club  near the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center!


This project is located  near Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center   ,shenzhen, Guangdong province ,china .

take time to enjoy the colorful rose lighting  if you love Rose Lighting ,haha 

There is  very cool   ws2811  5050  RGB pixel neon led tube  used for  XXL  Club from Rose Lighting 

Dc12V ws2811 5050 RGB pixel led strip  84leds   28 pixels/m  ,which is moutned in the  Black 20mm 20mm silicone tube size to make some    shape or patterns ,

with the flexible silicone neon tube , it protect led strip and make good lighting effect ,no light spot ,

Quanitty: 400meter  ,click our website for detailed specification if you love it ,

There  is  Art net  led controller H802Ra   used for NB Club from Rose Lighting 

ARTNET protocol MADRIX light show software ,KTV stage control system, H802RA four-port LED controller

software: madrix ( There is chinese madrix usb dongle support germany madrix 5.0 verion and 3.6 version ),very competitive offer ,

Controller introduction:

1.H802RA adopts standard Ethernet protocol, support Art-Net protocol

2.Four output port,can control a number of LED driver chip,support automatically edit address function.

3.The input network port can be directly connected to the computer network card,  the offline ,online main control, and  the switch and the photoelectric converter.

4.When online , the supporting software is “LED Studio Software” or “MADRIX”, and the offline supporting software is “LED Programming Software”.

Quantity :4 pcs  used for the project ,  click our website for detailed specification please.

There are  meanwell  led  power supply  model LRS-350-12V used for NB Club from Rose Lighting 

nonwaterproof led power supply LRS-350-12V:

Quantity:30 pcs which is  used for the project .

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