waterproof LB1934 ws2818  1914 dual signal led strip mounted inside  led aluminium profile Lighting out the ourdoor  building outline  Colorful and Owesome in qungyuan !

Project location:  COCO Fashion hall in qingyuan city guangzhou province  china


1.Led strip lighting 

DC12V  Dual signal ws2818 5050  RGB pixel led strip 60pixels/m  ,one pixel broken ,no affect next pixel working!

Totally pixels quantities for this project is 300meter : 6000 pixels (RGB type)

Picture and detailed specification ,click below 


the ws2818 led strip  is  put inside  the following led aluminium profile with size 15.2mm(W)X6.7mm(H)

the waterproof led strip is  silicone tube injected silicone gel  to make good waterproof 

2.Controller system :H807SA and Madrix 

1  :Brief

DMX Console dmx 8086pixels display led controller H 807SA support offline led build &online ledstudio and artnet software

H807SA is used alot , bec it support artnet software such as madrix ,resolume ,and suppport dmx512 console and can make synchronization within one interest when offline

2 :Performance
(1).Eight output ports, controls maximum 8192 pixels, each port controls maximum 1024 pixels.
(2).SD card supports FAT32, FAT16 format; the maximum capacity is 64G bytes, stores up to 64 DAT files.

it is a single led controller of the off-line control system. It has 8 output ports, can control 8,192 pixel lights.

Under our own software LEDBuild, customers can realize many display effects, can play text, picture and video.

(3).Many controllers can be synchronized with AC power supply.
(4).Can connect to DMX console, replace file, and adjust speed and brightness and responses quickly.
(5).The buttons and LCD screen are convenient to set the parameters.
(6).Support encryption by limiting the number of power-on time.

3 :Advanatges 

1. Four output ports drive maximum 8192 pixels,each port controls maximum 1024 pixels.

2.Have DMX512 interface for DMX512 console change brightness,color, file,speed,

3.support DMX512 ic address edit

4.support artnet protocol,one port support 8 universe maximum

5. Inkbook wifi inside the led controller
Open the drawing software, start the drawing lighting wiring wireless. ect

More details pls visit : 


3)How to connect with them led stirp and led controller and led power 


4)software: Ledbuild when  offline  

ledstudio or madrix when  online

be our clients , you will be loved , there is free madrix 5.0 key with 2048 universies to work out your madrix lighting project


5)led power supply

There are  rainproof  led  power supply  model S-400-12V used for   project  

Quantity:15 pcs which is  used for the project . details as follow 


6) SPI led signal amplifier
take noted there is 5pcs SPI TTL signal amplified used in this project  ,
there is long distance from led to our led controller ,so need SPI signal amplifer 10pcs used for the project ,
click our webiste for details please

we did test for all led items always before shipment to make sure all work  well ,

please enjoy video as follow.


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