First of all, all light strips can be called Madrix led strips, Madrix is software.The whole project requires  light strips, controllers and power supply. Led pixel strips has individually programmable,one pixel control 3 led or one pixel control 6led.

(1)Bared board: All components are exposed on the board. After ICMT and reflowed, the finished item can be used directly. Usually,It is also  processed into finished products such as with  glue/sleeve/silicone/glue/Aluminum profile line lights, etc.Looking directly at the lamp beads will be more dazzling.

(2)glue:On the basis of the bare board, all machines are dispensed on the dispensing shelf to protect the components. Put water, moisture and static electricity, the role of dust. In addition, the light strip with glue is softer and less dazzling. It can be directly attached to the surface and used on the grape trellis.

(3)sleeve:Put the light strip into the transparent silicone tube. Ordinary casing and thickened high-transparency casing, different prices. Mainly waterproof and dustproof, grade IP66.


(4)Silicone tube and filled of glue:The casing is sleeved on the outside of the led strips, and then glue is injected into it, and it is fully sealed to achieve IP68. It is actually measured that if the pads are completely immersed in water for 2 months, the pads will be oxidized. The actual effect may be occasional immersion in water, not long-term immersion.



(5)Neon light:The main advantage of flexible silicone light strips has good effect and many kinds of types can be provided.



(6)lED line light:It is also called pixel strip, aluminum profile + magic light strip. From the perspective of economical practicability, the most commonly used is the 20x20mm/20x30mm aluminum tank, which is generally equipped with a phantom color of 60 lights per meter. If the height is lower than 2cm, the density of the lamp beads needs to be increased, which will increase the cost. The size of the aluminum slot is also very large, so generally it depends on the specific location to recommend the aluminum slot, and then determine the type of light strip.