Rose Lighting light up the  Hot Party Club   in guangxi  province 

project address:    Hot Party Club   in yulin  guangxi  province (广西玉林酒吧)

Light Type :Digita RGB  5050  pixel  rgb led strip  60leds/m  20pixels/m with 10mm width ,Dc12V 15w/meter , waterproof Ip65( Pu glue coating )

led strip is fasten by Tie Rope  to the quadrilateral  frame,which is hang up to the roof 。

pixel led strip specification  click below please 

Digita RGB  5050  pixel  rgb led strip  60leds/m  20pixels/m with 10mm width ,Dc12V 144.4w/meter

Control by  LM501 led master and Slave 8X512  led controller ,music lighting software madrix  run the lighting effect .

controller  specification  click below please 

1pcs led master : LM501

6pcs Slave led controller:SVE   8X512

Project details show 

The  project accessories and cost as follow;

itemPhotoP/NdecriptionunitquanityUnit price(USD)amount(USD)product specification link
1RL-STR-ws2811-5050RGB-60-12V-Ip651) LED Type: 5050 RGB led
2 )Led Qty: 60 leds/m
3 )
5 )View angle: 120°
6)Warranty 2years         7)Dc12V  15watt/M
meter1000usd3.5 /m3500
2s-400-12Vrainproof led power supply 400watt Dc12V output ;warranty 2yearspcs42usd10/pcs420
3LM501LM501 led master pcs1usd250250

 led slavcontroller ;support 8X512 pixels


In total4770


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