Rose Lighting Digital pixel neon led tube with size 20mmX20mm(WXH)light up your door Owesome!

Lighting Type: 12V ws2811 20pixel 60 led digital silicone Pixel flex neon led with size 20mmX20mm

Quantity: 300 meters

This project is control by 1pcs led master H801TC  and  5pcs  led slave H801RC


1.Two output ports,can connect 96 slave controllers.
2.Each controller can control 122880 pixels.

3.Multiple controllers can be synchronized with AC power supply and connect to DMX console.

4.The play speed,brightness and playing file are adjustable.

5.Master controller and slave controller are connected according to Ethernet Protocol,the distance can reach to 100 meters.

Input Voltage:AC220V/110V ±10%
Power Consumption: 3W
Dimension: L270 x W150 x H43


1. Eight output ports drive maximum 8192 pixels. Each port controls maximum 8192 divided by number of using ports pixels. Port number could be one, two, four, or eight.
2. Working online or offline, H801RC can be connected to computer, master controller, switch or photoelectric converter.
3. High synchronization performance, the transmission of adjacent slave controller delays within 400 ns, t
4. Far transmission distance. Signal transmitted based on standard Ethernet protocol and the nominal transmission distance up to 100 meters.
5. Can connect the fiber optical converter directly

Input Voltage:AC220V/110V ±10%
Power Consumption: 1.2W
Weight: 0.7Kg
Dimension: L190 x W116 x H40

LED Power supply

we use high quality rainproof quality led power supply  used  for project.

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