Rose Lighting Digital silicone neon pixel led tube light up the OlympicSports Center in Ningbo china

Project address: The OlympicSports Center in Ningbo china

Lighting Type: Dc12V  Digital  silicone  neon flex Pixel led tube   84leds 28 pixels per meter ws2811 

Installing  method : by aluminium clips and screw

in total  400meters 

Download the detailed  specification for Digital silicone neon flex   pixel led tube here  please 

This project is control by  LM501 led controller system and MA console ( client by the MA sonsole themself)

sub led controller SVE8X512  used to connect  the 400meters  Silicone flex neon led tube 

 PS:LM501 Console Controller Support Madrix software directly,can display 3D program

the 28pcs rainproof led power supply Dc12V 400watt used  for project

The  project accessories and cost as follow;

PhotoP/Nunitquantityunit price(USD)amount(USD)product specificationwarranty

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