This is Mr Bryan in  Blue T-shirt, the Greatest Engineer in Seattle USA 
He Created a Burning man project made of the fastest HD107s led 

(we are very pleased to share you the  fastest digital  rgb pixel led chip HD107s  in the world so far again..It is a  Creative breakthrough success  for Pixel LED career, 

bec with PWM refresh rate: >26kHz and transfer speed>30MHZ

it is Absolutely a  best choice to replace original apa102/apa102C(2016)/sk9822,sk6812/ws2812B LED,         

bec it is much faster and stable and energy saving…ect

Product Advantages

    • PWM refresh rate: >26kHz, Transfer speed : >>30Mhz  
    • (real apa102 with PWM frequency20KHZ,apa107 and sk9822 with PWM  4.7kHZ,sk6812 /2812B with 800HZ ,,)
    • HD107S LED without voltage drop and  5meters strip with one power input without color difference in the whole strip,
    • The HD107s LED with higher energy saving than apa102 sk6812, (Built-in Dormancy Mode inside)…ect contact with me for samples if you interst.

then  he used a great software to achieve music control , like Matrix
Here is link for details
After this ,the wonderful project was in the biggest nighttime parade in USA,250.000 people

on the parade route AlsoWere happy to know I pixel led popular in USA from this Guy
So we treated him a big meal and beautiful Rose accompanied him to go shopping and wentto see Technology Animation in Exhibition Center.
After this visit ,we send gift to each other,Good “duck” means good luck for Ms Rose’s little baby
We are sure rose lighting will be much booming and make the world colorful..

and my babay little rose will be very cute and  good luck 

bec the God bless the deligent and cute baby.

Thanks for attention