Introduction for For 20mm Grid flex led curain GS8208  project

In total 16X17 =272 pcs ㎡ square meter 

Product specification link

Pixel pitch:5.5cm 19X19=361 Pixels one square meter

In total 272pcs ㎡ is  98192 pcs pixels ,

take noted each 1㎡with need power consumption about 87W (max) each 1㎡ there will be two power input at ends , you need use 1.5mm² cable to co connect to led power supply .

We advice try our rainproof led power supply 12V 400watt output ,one pcs led power supply work with 4pcs ㎡.

So need 68pcs led power supply in total ,

We advice three main power supply from Power outlet,bec one main power supply with 4mm² support 25pcs led power supply is okay ,cannot make overload ,

so one main power supply support 25pcs led power supply and the other support 25pcs ,the lef one support 18pcs ..Below is right connection chart for led power supply

Grid Screen for Building Led Mesh Media Facade 361pixels for one square meter ,

layout :19X19=361 pixels (pixel pitch:5.5cm) the pixel go signal in S way ,see video for details

Take noted that Steel wire and hook and connection plug and power cable.ect .all accessories  included ,Just need use our hook to fix ..

LED control

In total 272pcs ㎡ is 98192 pcs pixels

We advice you try H801RC or K8000C programming sd controller each led controller with 8 ports,we advice each port support 722 pixels( 2pcs square meter) to make good animation show and speed .

So you need 17pcs sd controller with port ,see new invoice with all accessories included for your project

we send you configure/layout  file in dxf file  and the wiring chart in pdf  file here please

download the layout  file here please

Layout chart  

download the wiring diagram  here please

wiring diagram

By the way

below is cost details with all accessories for to light up your project successfully

We can help your programming to light up your project colorful to make your client satisfied.