Hi everyone , here share a good news with you: we make a new product set  to help you learn more about us , and save your time to find samples !

It includes :

1.15 kinds of led strips : from single color , CCT color ,RGB color to RGB+CCT color ,SPI digital color and DMX512 digital color .

2.2 controller and a adjustable power supply to test all the led strips!

The following is the pictures for your reference:

Item 1. Single color DC24V  60led SMD2835 led strip.6W/M. You can find the 120 led version in the following link :

 High CRI 90 5mm width 3 years warranty 2835 120led Flexible LED Strip DC24V

Item 2.24V 10mm width 144led/M dual cct , warm white and cool white  , 2 leds per group ,72 groups per meters.

Dc24V  2835  Dual CCT  Dimmable LED Strip  144leds/M

Item 3. DC24V 60led 14,4W/M , 5050RGB led strip , 10cm per cut .  

5050 SMD RGB flexible led strip Dc12V or 24V 60led/m

Item4.DC24V 60led 19.2W/M , 5050RGBW led strip , 10cm per cut .  

RGBW 4in 1 5050 flex LED Strip Dc12V Dc24V 30leds 60leds/m 84leds/m 96 leds/m

Item5.DC24V 60led 19.2W/M , 5050RGB+CCT led strip , 10cm per cut .  

Item6.DC12V WS2811 led strip,60 leds, 20 Pixels, one led control 3 leds. 

60Led 20pixels WS2811 UCS 1903 SM16703p DC12V RGB Digital LED Strip

 Item 7. DC12V ws2818 led strip, 60leds/M, signal break continuous, 2 signal wires, Pixel control. 18W/M.

addressable Foldable s shape zigzag gs8206/ws2818/LB1934 dual signal Pixel RGB 5050  LED Strip 20pixels/m 60leds/m


Item 8.DC5V SK9822 led strip , 60leds/M , SK9822 IC chip , 18/W. Pixel control .

sk9822 digital addressable magical full color pixel led strip Dc5V


Item 9.DC24V DMX512 5050 RGB led strips, 60 leds, 10 Pixels, one ic  control 6 leds. 14.4W/M.

You can find a similiar products  36 Pixels in the following links :

Dc24V flex dmx digital RGB RGBW led strip 6pixels 36leds/M


Item 10.DC24V DMX512 RGBW led strip , 60leds, 10 Pixels, one ic control 6 leds, 19.2W/M.

4-in-1 rgbw led dmx digital strip 24V 4 colors

Item.11. DC24V TM1814 RGBW led strip , 60leds, 10 Pixels, one ic control 6 leds, 19.2w/M.

TM1814  RGBW  Pixel  addressable  Digital  RGBW led strip 24V 84leds/M 

Item 12. 5 in 1 UFO controller .  Single color /CCT /RGB/RGBW/RGB+CCT  5 in1 controller.


Item 13. SP105E bluetooth controller .



Item 14. DC24V COB led strip , 384led/M .

COB flex led strip 378 360 480 504 640 led per meter  waterproof IP 67 for outdoor

Item 15.12*20  side emitting neon led strip .

New high qulaity silicone digital Neon led tube Dc12V 20 pixels 60leds/M 12mmX20mm (WXH)

Item 16. 20*20mm top view neon led strip .

12V ws2811 28pixel 84 led digital silicone Pixel flex neon led with size 20mmX20mm with positive lighting direction

Item 17. 12*25mm muchroom neon led strip .

Flex RGBW+WW silicone Neon led strip  5chip built in one LED with curved tube 12mmX25mm(LXH)

Item 18. DC5~24V adjustable power supply .











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