On November 12, 2012, I came to Shenzhen to start my “Social University” advanced studies, the course is foreign trade.
The first product that came up was the WS2812S (6-pin) built-in Symphony.

The links and watermarks that were hung back then are still hung on AliExpress.
Later, WS2812B  quickly became popular. Problems are always accompanied by opportunities. Everyone who makes illusion has suffered from quality injuries.


Since the single signal light strip signal is broken, it will not be transmitted later. So WS2813, 5V built-in breakpoint resumable transmission came into being.


The voltage drop of 5V is large, and the power is supplemented before and after 5 meters. The engineering contractor is particularly troubled by the 5V light strip. So 12V built-in WS2815, 12V or even 24V point control is very popular.



Along the way,the light strips have became more mature and the cases have been strange .




The ring pixel screen, as a model of application, has been prosperous for a long time.
Due to various special applications, built-in, two-color, single-color, RGBW are all profit models, and the price cannot be lowered.


10 years of stumbling,many times we also lose patience and confidence,and finally found a home in the external products. We have also done a lot of projects for the most complicated DMX512 strip.


There are more and more Symphony projects, and only by mastering the application market can we not be disrupted by price wars.
The foundation of this business has been laid for ten years, and the development of the enterprise will be revolved in another ten years.