How much per meter  for led strip?

Many buyers focus on price first  always ,no share their requirments and project details ,

There are so many kinds of light strips on the market that make people hard to choose,

so how can you  know the price of the led strip which you want to buy?

Let’s share it with everyone today.

long long  ten years ago, led strip lighting have been widely used in urban lighting, beautiful night scenes, and interior decoration in our country.

Nowadays, the application range of led light strips is becoming wider and wider.

the LED light strip uses a  SMT special process to weld the LED lamp to  the strip-shaped flexible circuit board, and then connects to the power supply to  light up.

Because it light up  a light-emitting shape  like one  strip, so we nameed them LED light strip. .

the emitting color of LED lights is changeable, and the light is adjustable, and the color change can also be controlled, which has outstanding advantages in visual effect decoration.

The led  strip is commonly used light strip types and is widely used. So, how much is a meter of LED lights? I believe this is many people are more concerned about.






1) regarding the mature led strip ,which is stable and used a lot ,,but update year by year.

all led strip  company has similar product , and the quality is quite good ,let us use quality led power too ,

The price of LED strips depends on the number of LED strips per meter. The quantity determines the wattage and brightness.

The price ranges from 12-60 yuan. Generally used strips For 2835 and 5050, the price difference between waterproof and non-waterproof is about 3-8 yuan.



2)LED strip is the kind of 5050LED lamp beads wrapped with glue. White light and green light are more expensive at about 12RMB per meter (60leds/m).

and red,  blue are cheaper at RMB  5-8 per meter . if led strip use the light source is SMD3528/2835lamp beads, which is more cheap..

LED灯带就是那种50mm 50mm尺寸LED灯珠外面包裹塑胶。白光和绿光较贵18元左右一米,彩色、红色、蓝色便宜8-15元/米圆形的更便宜。还用一种LED灯条,光源是SMD3528/2835灯珠,就会便宜很多。(同样的芯片和支架的前提下)


3)The price of light strips from different manufacturers is different, so everyone should choose a more famous brand. For example, Xinshengkai Optoelectronics is a professional LED light strip manufacturer with 14 years of industry R&D and production experience. The products are sold to various regions at home and abroad all year round. Product quality is reliable. The special price is generally between 12 and 40 yuan.


4)The high-voltage light strips are all waterproof light strips, the light color can be white, warm white, red, green, blue and yellow; the voltage that can be used outdoors is 85-265v wide voltage;

low-voltage light strips are divided into  three types:

no waterproof and waterproof and outdoor waterproof; light color can be customized; high-voltage

monochrome is generally 8 yuan per meter! The low-voltage 12 yuan also needs to buy a transformer,

the low-voltage safety point, the colorful RGB 20 yuan if it is waterproof, it is more expensive, if you look at the two types of lights, the price of the LED strip is similar, but the overall cost is measured It’s different, because the high-voltage LED strips are equipped with high-voltage power supplies. Generally, a power supply can carry 30-50 meters of LED strips, and the cost of high-voltage voltage is relatively low. Low-voltage LED strips need to be equipped with a DC power supply. Generally, the power of a 1 meter 60-bead 5050 LED strip is roughly 12W-14W, which means that each meter of strip should be equipped with a DC power supply of about 15W, so the cost of low-voltage LED strips The cost will be higher than that of high-voltage LED strips. Therefore, from the overall cost point of view, the price of low-voltage LED strips is slightly higher than that of high-voltage LED strips.


5, COB flexible led strip is a good choice to replace 2216 2110 led strip ,

there is Even and soft light radiation, no glaring and no lighting spot,very bright.

it is stable and competitive in price too,

The above is a specific introduction to “How much is a meter for a general led lamp”.

Although they are all reference prices, there may be certain deviations depending on the region, brand, and quality. However,

it is relatively practical. In addition, consumers should be reminded to have an understanding of the product design and accompanying instructions before buying led strips,

so that the quality of the product can be identified to a certain extent. Of course, branded products purchased at regular merchants are still guaranteed, and consumers can buy and use them with confidence.






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