The DMX512 protocol is a data dimming protocol proposed by the United States Stage Lighting Association (USITT).

It provides a protocol standard for communication between lighting controllers and lighting equipment. Since it was proposed in 1990,

the full name of the protocol is It is USITTDMX512 (1990). The proposal of this agreement provides a good standard for the use of digital signals to control lighting equipment.

DIP switch settings

The dial switch is turned down to the ON state, which means 1, otherwise it is 0.

The DMX512 address value is added to the first 9-digit dialing value.

For example: the dial status is “100000000” means 1, “001000000” means 4, and “011100000” means 14 (2+4+8=14).

The dial code value is the starting channel address of H807DMX. H807DMX occupies 13 channels in total.
Detailed channel description (H807DMX as an example, 13CH)


1.The background color is useless when there are static effects and the stars are shining, and it represents another color when gradual changes, double-line segments move, and double-line segments run in pairs;
2.Scaling is useless for gradients, fillings, springs, and stars twinkle
3.Each special effect is represented by 16 numerical values, of which the last 8 numerical values ​​represent the mirror image of every other group, but there is no mirror image for static effects, filling and starry flashing.

There are three types of light strips, take RGBW as an example:

1. 5 wires RGBW led strip:

Need a decoder, the effect is the overall color change, one decoder for one channel.Docoder as the following picture:

2. SPI signal addressable led strip .

This kind of phantom color controller is generally equipped with DMX512 main control + sub-control form, make the effect program,

writing the address , and then choose the program need.

If it is RGB SPI signal, there is currently a built-in SPI-DMX512 controller.

H807DMX uses the DMX512 console to control LED strips, light bars, tubes and point light sources, etc. It can only control TM1812, P943, P943S, P9411, P9412, P9883, TM1804, TM1809, UCS1903, UCS1909, UCS1912, WS2811, WS2812 , SM16703, SM16709, SM16712, INK1003 equivalent timing drive chip, control up to 1024 points, output three channels of the same signal.
After power-on, the red and green indicator lights next to the DIP switch will be on. Before receiving the DMX512 signal, it will output more than 20 built-in effects. After receiving the DMX512 signal, the red indicator below flashes and the output effect is determined by the DMX512 signal.

3.DMX512 protocol led strip.

For this kind of DMX512 standard protocol IC, the first step is to write code, and then each IC has a unique address. Operate through DMX512 console.


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