Brief introduction for online and offline led controller and software for our pixel led strip

1)Online software: ledstudio (latest version download link here )

There is detailed user manual video of how to work with online software :ledstudio

2)offline software : ledbuild (latest version download link)

there is detailed user video manual of how to use the offline software:ledbuild

Detailed user tutorial video of how to work with led build on PC(offline software)

downlaod  more  detailed  tutorial  from our website as follow please


3)madrix(  artnet led controller support the madrix and resulume ,ect)

download link here

how to make the DVI 3D mapping on the madrix software

DVI led master H803TV and H807SA led slave work with madrix user manual video

H807SA is popular and used alot , bec it support artnet software such as madrix ,resolume ,and suppport dmx512 console and can make synchronization within one interest when offline, look for details from our website please


LED DVI controller H803TV LED Master Controller work with online software ledstudio and madrix

sd card DMX Console artnet 8086pixels display led controller H807SA support online drawing pixels

Artnet software madrix work with tiger touch dmx512 console via PC with H807SA or H803SA led controller

H803Sa :×1024-pixels-and-workable-software-led-build-and-suppor-dmx512-console/


Madrix artnet led controller H802RA and pixel led need madrix dongle to work out your madrix project

H802RA art net led controller

enjoy our new product and project as follow – please

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there is free madrix 5.0 key with 2048 universies to work out your madrix project please !

There are some main led controller ,which we used a lot for our pixel led strip project .

H801TC offline master led controller


H801RC  led slave controller

H802RA artnet led slave controller

Online and offline led controller 

stand alone offline led controller 

H803SC with control via music

H806SB with control via APP

H807 DMX is used  alot