H803SA LED controller 

1.Controlled IC chip . 



1). Eight output ports can control 8192 pixels at most. The maximum number of control points for each port is 8192 divided by the number of days actually used. The number of ports can be set to one, two, four, or eight.
2). It can be connected and detached. It can be directly connected to the computer network card, or connected to the offline and online master control, and it can also be directly connected to the switch and the photoelectric converter.
3). High synchronization performance, the transmission delay of adjacent sub-controllers is within 400 nanoseconds, which means that if 100 sub-controllers are cascaded, the delay is within 40 microseconds. The image has no tearing or mosaic phenomenon.

4)The single-line driver chip can be set to TTL output or differential output.

5). It could Address H801DMX, H860, UCS512C, SM1651×.

6). The control effect is good, the gray level is controlled accurately, and the gray level above 256 has been processed by hard GAMMA.
7). Long transmission distance, standard Ethernet protocol is adopted for transmission signal, and the nominal distance is 100 meters. Sub-controllers, network repeaters, and photoelectric conversion can be used as relays.
8). The scanning clock speed is adjustable from 100K to 50M HZ.
9). The use of grayscale technology and anti-gamma correction technology makes the actual display effect more in line with the physiological sense of the human eye.


1)Input voltage : AC100~240V.

2)Power consumption: 1.5W.

3).Controlled Pixels: 8192 Pixels.

4).weight :0.7kg.

5)working temperature: -20~85 degrees.


7)Carton Size: L205*W168*H69mm.


1) Connect the computer network card (or main control) to the NET1 of the sub-controller with a network cable, and connect NET2 to the NET1 of the next sub-controller, and cascade in this way until the last one.

2)There are two indicator lights next to the network port seat. The upper one is green NET, which is always on after power-on, and there is a signal on the network cable. Signal speed is related.

And pls note that there is 8 ports for one wire and 2 wires iC chip , and only 4 ports for 3 wires and 4 wires ports like DMX512.

5.Application :


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