There are 5050 size led lamp series 


SK6813HV-5050-09-6P(same work as ws2815)


SK6812 5050 RGBW(same work as ws2812B)


sk6812-5050-RGB(same work as ws2812B)


sk6812-5050-WWA(same work as ws2812B)








HD108-5050RGB-(fastest 16bits 5050 RGB pixel led lamp)


3535  Size led lamp 

sk6812MINI-HS ( sk6812  3535 RGB pixel led lamp with high Bracket)

sk6812MINI-3535-RGB (normal 3535 RGB pixel led lamp )


sk6813-3535RGB- 5V

4020   Size side viewing  led lamp 

sk6812SID-A ( Sk6812  4020 side viewing RGB pixel led lamp )

sk6812SID-RGBW (sk6812  4020 RGBW pixel led lamp)

1515  Size led lamp 


sk6805-EC15( sk6805 Mnin 1515 size RGB pixel led lamp)


2427  Size led lamp 



sk6805MICRO-J( Mini sk6805 RGB 2527 pixel led lamp)

2020  Size led lamp 

sk9822-EC2020  (sk9822 2020  RGB pixel led lamp)

sk6805-EC20 ( sk6805 2020 RGB pixel led lamp)

fastest HD107s 2020 RGB pixel led


download the price list for these pixel led here please


More picture for 5050 Pixel led lamp here ,enjoy it please