2020 Home improvement lighting new trendy,PIR  sensor led  stair   lighting 


Led Stairs  light, I believe everyone is familiar with it. Simply , it is installed in the stairs or in the aisle. If someone passes by,

it  lights up by PIR sensor  automatically. When you go away , it will  turn off, automatically, which  is greatly Energy saving..

there are induction  PIR switch at ends ,

it can lighting  up and achieve the   running water effect  when you Go up and down the stair by our customized led controller at one end.

(there are 180pcs  programs optional ,can set the time and  adjust the speed ,can be control by voice as well by the led controller  )

LED light Type: Monochrome 4000K digital led strip  Dc12V  60leds/m .

package: 15meter led strip ;(usd60)2pcs PIR sensor(usd10) ;2pcs Dc12V 10A  led adapter( 15) ;customized led controller( usd 4.5)

in total usd89.5  (60+10+15+4.5=usd89.5)

the led strip can be mounting with aliumiumn profiles or silicone neon  tube to used indoor or outood ,

to make different good looks and meet different application.

video show