Designed Silicone Neon LED professional supplier

When I first get to know the silicone Neon led series, and saw they are changing to different colors and used well outdoor to make the world colorful I was in love with them. Every color makes me fascinated.

I like the Flex Silicone Neon LED here,bec there is no dark area and No light leakage for monochrome series ,

I like the the flat & curved Neon series ..
bec the Curved type can replace LED tube ;
flat types can replace led linear light too ;
The length, power, brightness and CCT ,
the control method ,,ect all can be customized at you wonder;

I like the Silicone Neon LED,bec it is Easy to be installed and transported .
also ,it is applied well in all kinds of High-end venue and outdoor use (Ip rate: 67)
take the advantage of unique optical technique and special housing design ,
it increases the intensity and uniformity of light greatly ,anti UV silicone coating ,no color change outside within 5 years warranty

I like it most of all
bec it can be designed to details ,and friendly to user ,
even the small details on the end caps to make Seamless connection ..

we are work hard to make better and better – Rose Lighting