Application of led Power Amplifier and Signal Amplifier for Low Voltage led Strip lighting


there are two types  control method  for  led  strips lighting . The first type of controller is a direct current:


The second type is digital signal, the controller only supplies the signal, the compensation power is calculated by the transformer alone,

and different position compensation voltages are selected according to factors such as plate thickness and voltage.

1 channel *30A 12-24V DC  Constant Voltage Power amplifier Model EV1-X

3channel*10A 12-36V Constant Voltage Power amplifier Model EV3-X


4chanel *8A 12-24V Constant Voltage Power amplifier Model EV4-X

5channel *5A 12-24VConstant Voltage Power amplifier Model EV5



Colorful lights have two solutions, one is the wireless/wired controller synchronization solution, and the other is through the controller + power amplifier solution.

If it is connected in parallel, it is more cost-effective to use a power amplifier, and if it is connected in series, it is safer to use wireless synchronization.





There are two things worth noting about the magic lights, one is the power supply, which can be used to know where the yellowing is serious and needs to be supplemented through the small controller to brighten the white light.

Simple troubleshooting. The biggest problem with the lantern strip is signal interference. Sometimes the controller needs to be placed in the chassis for unified management. At this time, the extension line is very far away.

It’s okay to use regular network cables, but if you pre-embed ordinary wires, it won’t help. In addition, the light strip and the next light bar are connected in series, and the problem of long extension line will also be encountered. A simple amplifier can be used for signal attenuation.

In some projects, the light strips are all connected in parallel. If one port is connected in parallel with more than 3 lines, there will be different degrees of interference. At this time, we need the SP901E signal expander.


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