fastest 16 bit pixel led strip HD108 ,upgraded version of HD107s led , HD108 led has PWM refresh rate:27kHz and transfer speed 40M bps and grayscale 655536

Product Description
HD108 RGB LED chip is same with APA102 with one IC for the three-colors RGB diming control strip and string, this ic use the CMOS process to provide three-colors RGB LED output driver to adjust the output with 65536 grey scale(16bit) and 32 brightness adjustment, HD108 RGB LED diodes with 2 signal output way, one is clock , another is data, the clock and data are synchronized, so that the crystal cascade piece of output movement is synchronized.CMOS process, low voltage, low consumptio

which is absolutely a replacememts of apa102 ,bec it is more stable and faster and energy saving .
HD108  LED has the fastest Transmission speed and refresh Rate among all digital Pixel led.
HD108 pixel led strip  light up Tokyo Olympic  in  2021!
Advanatages of HD108  LED
1, CLK+Data double wire transfer;
2, PWM refresh rate can be +27kHz (Apa has 20K HZ,sk9822 has 4.7k HZ,sk6812/ws2811 has 400 HZ only);
3, Max transfer speed is 40M bps (Apa has 20M bps ,sk9822 has 2M bps , sk6812/ws2811 has 800K bps only);
4, And HD108 with built-in sleep function, no work no electric consumption, very good for battery-powered application,
5,HD108 Led lights up more brightness ,large lighting beam;
6, 16bits(65536 gray scale) , 8bits optional;
7,HD108 LEDs, the upgrade of HD107s LED, You can see the difference of HD108 and APA102 LED Strip, they are both 5m length.When light up white color, APA102 led strip has color mixed, not pure white color, so voltage drop is obvious…. HD108 LED strip is better, white color, no voltage drop within 5m length;
8,The HD108 led lights up looks like linear lighting ,large lighting beam;
9,Pure copper bracket and 99.99% Gold wire for HD108 Pixel LED chip;
Technical Parameters

Item No.: HD108 5050  RGB led
LED Type: 5050 SMD
Voltage: DC5V
Color: RGB
Description: 65536 grey scale, one clock cable, one data cable


LED Strip, led pixel .led module,DIY led ,,
LED billboard, LED screen,,

LED Strip, led pixel .led module
LED billboard, LED screen

The difference of HD108 pixel led and  compatible pixel led 

HD108 Pixel led chip with PWM refresh Rate 27KHZ and Transmission rate 40MHZ 16bits(update of HD107s LED)
HD107s pixel led chip with PWM refresh Rate 27KHZ and transmission rate 40MHZ 8bits
original apa102 pixel led chip with PWM refresh rate 20KHZ and transmission rate 20MHZ 8bits(Gone)
sk9822 pixel led chip with PWM refresh rate 4.7KHZ and transmission rate 2MHZ 8bits (fake apa102)

Take noted that there are many fake HD108 LED,HD108 with same look as HD107s LED chip ,but HD108 IC chipset bigger than HD107s IC chipset,

Click here to download the detailed data sheet of  HD108 5050 RGB LED


click here to check the datailed data sheet of HD107 5050 RGB led


Below are some test video about HD107s and HD108 pixel led

Comments about HD108 5050 RGB Pixel led  and HD107s pixel led .

Our first HD108 based PCBAs finished today at NOA Labs.

These will be used as components in several types of products including bicycle lights, dashboard readouts and indicator bar graphs on test equipment.

The 16-bit HDR capabilites of these chips are very useful for indication purposes where you can observe the LED directly without filtering.

Because it’s 16-bits you can adjust the brightness down very far so it’s not blinding to look at,

and you still have enough brightness resolution for animation effects.