APA107-5050 RGB LEDs is the new addressable LED chip on 2018 years, PWM refresh rate can be 9khz, Oscillator frequency can be 30Mhz, can replace APA102 LEDs directly,

and APA102/APA107 use same PCB to produce LED strip. But APA102-5050 RGB LEDs is 20Khz,

so APA107 LEDs is one economic addressable LEDs with much lower price than APA102 LEDs, but much much better than SK9822 LEDs.

need to inform all that original apa102 Stop producing already ,bec the original apa102 ic chip factory no supply apa company since 2016,the existing apa102 led chip with a fake IC chip from other factory ,,

the IC chip is smaller and has lower PWM refresh rate,, which we called apa102C..

However APA107 LEDs as a economic addressable LEDs to replace APA102 is not enough, as the PWM refresh rate is only 9Khz, meanwhile Taiwan APA company ask us stop use “APA” to named the LEDs,

so we swear that we will make a much better LEDs than APA102, no matter APA102-5050 or APA102-2020.

on November 2018, a japanese IC chipset factory developed the fastest perfect Pixel led  named “HD107S”, not use “APA”. The testing lasted as long as six months, finally we get a perfect LEDs.

HD107S-5050 RGB LEDs with higher PWM refresh 27Khz, Maximum transfer speed can be 40Mhz, and static power consumption is 0ma, zero, zero….and brightness is much higher than APA102-5050, lower voltage drop…everything is perfect,

absolutely it is the best and fastest LEDs in the world.the original IC chip factory name HD107s,

BTY, HD107S-3535 and HD107S-2020 HD107s-5050-RGb  have on the market already.

the New HD107s -RGBW-5050 led chip  and HD107s pixel with 16 bits will on market in October  2019 soon.

HD107s pixel led chip with PWM refresh Rate 27KHZ and transmission rate 40MHZ
Apa107 pixel led chip with PWM refresh rate 9KHZ and transmission rate 30MHZ
original apa102 pixel led chip with PWM refresh rate 20KHZ and transmission rate 20MHZ (Gone)
sk9822 pixel led chip with PWM refresh rate 4.7KHZ and transmission rate 15MHZ (fake apa102)