Rose lighting SM16703PB  5050 RGB pixel led strip light up the Vienna wedding hall in shangrao jiangxi province!

This project is Designed and installed by  Mr Long lighting engineer 

the location: 上饶维也纳婚庆大堂项目!

1)Light strip Type 

Dc12V  SM6703  ws2811  5050 RGB pixel led strip  60leds   20 pixels/m  ,15meter no voltage drop 

Quanitty: 260meter  in total 


1)No voltage drop with 15meter long with one power input at one side ,Bec we use the 12mm width with 5oz pure copper pcb board.

2)60pcs 5050 RGB epistar led chip with pure copper bracket and pure gold wire and brightness>2600mcd

3)Standard TTL signal :ws2811 IC chipset

4)Double membrance covering the pcb board ,good protection,

5) M12 Type with Solid gold-plated 5 pin and  Metal nut,

6)AWG 18 cable


Color:Full Color (RGB addressable)

LED Quantity: 60 leds per meter

Ic Type:sm16703pb or ws2811 (20 pixels per meter )

Controller system: SPI led controller or Art net

Working Input Voltage: 12V  14.4watt/meter

Size:  5000*12*2.5(mm)

View angle:120°

white/black PCB with 12mm width,

Grary scale:256

PCB: 5.0ounce thickness board,(4OZ optional )

warranty 3years


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the LED strip  is moutned  inside the  high clear silicone tube ,see details as follow

the silcione led stirp tube is  mounted on the The ceiling.

we punch the hole on the  stainless steel ceilling ,then fasten them by nylon cable tie.

with the silcione tube ,  it protect led strip as well as  make good lighting effect ,

2)led control 

1pcs  H801TC  offline  led master controller


(1). H801TC is a master controller that works offline, and reads data from SD card to control multiple slave controllers.

(2). Two ports control maximum 255 slave controllers, drive maximum 150000 pixels. 

(3). H801TC can be connected to DMX console and occupies 3 channels, so you can switch files, adjust speed and brightness with DMX console.

(4). Slave controllers are H801RA, H802RA and H801RC. 

(5). Software is “LED Build Software”.

(6). Transmit data based on Ethernet protocol, nominal transmission distance is 100 meters. 

(7). SD card supports FAT32, FAT16 format, maximum capacity is 64G bytes, stores up to 64 DAT files.

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H801TC LED Master Controller Pixel LED Controller Employ Ethernet Protocol Drive 150000 Pixels 255 Slaves Support DMX Console

1pcs H801RC LED slave controller


1) support DMX512(1990) international standard protocol.

2) More control functions: it can control various drive IC types

3) High speed photoelectric to ensure control system safety.

4) Control system realize more than 256 scales per color

5) Project setting agility: realize adjust the brightness and speed separately.

6) Customized software: easy to setup the lighting project system.

7) System failure self-repair function.

More details ,please visit to our website for details please

H801RC LED 8 ports controller drive max 8192 pixels connect to PC or master controller RJ45 port


Below is the  connecting chart for  led stirp and led controller and led power supply .(use netcable to connect with the dmx512 console MA2)





3)software: Ledbuild  with offline  

we need to make the programs via ledbuild and copy the programs to sd card with H801TC when offline,

can work with dmx512 console too ,can record madrix animation via our recording tooling .

by the way

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4)led power supply

There are  rainproof  led  power supply  model S-400-24V used for   project  

Quantity:18pcs which is  used for the project . details as follow

we did test for all led items always before shipment to make sure all work  well ,

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