Rose Lighting  LED strip light production  Automatic  equipments Introduction 



Type 1:Double Platform soldering Machine for led strip +cleaning function included Model:  PCX-8900

Product introduction

Double Platform soldering Machine for led strip +cleaning function included Model:  PCX-8900

PCS-8900, flexible led strip double platform soldering+cleaning machine ,is a customized equipment according to customer requirments ,

in addition to meet the normal 5m plate connection operation. but also can automatically clean the  soldering pad, completely releasing human’s labor.

save much time and money .

Functional characteristis

1 )simple programming mode ,operation box to control moving welding head alignment .

2) Fast welding speed m high efficiency, a soldering machine can save 5-6 peoples

3)Saving tin wire , no tin wire wasted,uniform solder joint and good consistency

4)High Power Heating controller ,ensures the stabilility of continuous welding.

5)Double Head fine-tuning welding gun stucture,convenient to adjust the distance between welding guns ,synchronous  operation.

6)Multi axis linkage manipulator,advanced motion control  algorithm, improve motion positioning of lamp strip design, it is convenient for manual loading and unloading.

7)According to the posititioning of led strio FPCB board design,it is convenient for manual loading and unloading.

8) Production efficiency: 1500-2400m/hour

9) It can replace manual process to optimize   quality control.

10) Improving efficiency and save manpower, the operation is simple, and new employee can achieve the welding effect same as skilled workers.


Application scope of flexible/soft led strip +clearing machine : all types of flexible led strip , led bar ,led string…ect

Type 2: flexible led strip spliitter machine/cutting machine -back glue can be cut without any difference 



Type3: LED strip Automatic  Glue sprayer machine

Type4: LED strip Automatic  reel machine /tape machine  

Type 5:LED strip Automatic  adhsive tape Rubberizing  machine PCX-600




Type 6:Lead-free reflow soldering SMT machine for led strip



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