Our Quality Management partner- Shenzhen Back Morning Quality Management Co.,Ltd 


1 Introduction about our parner:Shenzhen Back Morning Quality Management Co.,Ltd

www.backmorning.com   [email protected]

they are 3Rd party Supplier Quality Management Company for OSRAM and Thorn.ect . .. Osram has long term cooperation with them.

They provide inspection, testing, audit service for other lighting brands ,

they are professional on Suplier Quality Management 1 stop service with service as follow

-Quality Improvements


-Quality Inspection

-Lighting Testing

-Factory Audit

With profeesional test machine and  experts team, Back morning has won good reputation in led industry and has been the only quality management company of Osram in Southern China !


1.Company view.




2.Test facilities.

1)Withstand voltage test machine 

2)Lamp current leakage tester

3)CS9912BN programmable withstanding voltage tester

4).CS9950 Grounding resistance tester

5)CS2676CX  programmable insulation resistance tester.


6)Muiltiplex temperature machine

7) Thermocouple welding machine

8)Thermocouple and fine wire welder


9)AC power source



10).Lightning surge generator


11)Programmable constant temperature and humidity testing machine

12)High-performance battery detection system

13)Integrating sphere test

we used the equipment to test the lumen (lm) and CCT and efficiency( lm/w) and RA and working voltage and current ,and power and HZ  for our led strip lighting ,

below is one test report for 2835 smd led strip.


2835 led  test report

14)IES test 

radiation characteristic and specturm testing and lumen (lm) and CCT and efficiency( lm/w) and RA and working voltage and current ,and power and HZ ect

3.Back Morning  Surge test work and details .

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see proof as follow 

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share some   knowledge about Lighting parameters( the details and differnece about Intensity and Flux and Illuminance 

1. Luminous intensity (lighting Intensity, abbreviated as I)

1. Definition
The luminous flux emitted by a light source in a unit solid angle in a given direction is defined as the luminous intensity of the light source in that direction. It is an inherent property of a point light source and characterizes the convergence ability of the luminous body emitted in space. It can be said that the luminous intensity describes how bright the light source is.

2. Unit
Candela, or cd.

2. Luminous Flux (Flux, abbreviated as F)

1. Definition
The amount of light emitted by the light source per unit time is called the luminous flux of the light source. It is the inherent property of the light source, and it is the total energy radiated by the light source per unit time, that is, the optical power.

2. Unit
Lumen is lm.

3. Illuminance (Illuminance, abbreviated as E)

1. Definition
The luminous flux of 1 lumens is evenly distributed on the surface of 1 square meter to produce the illuminance. It reflects from another angle whether the light source is bright or not.

2. Unit
Lux is lx (previously called lux).

Chinese version 
一、 发光强度(lighting Intensity,简写为I)

1. 定义

2. 单位

二、 光通量(Flux,简写为F)

1. 定义

2. 单位

三、 光照度(Illuminance,简写为E)

1. 定义

2. 单位

Hope is helpful to yours !