2021 Popular led strip item intruction from Rose Lighting,which we have in stock always 

Rose Lighting’s 2020  has gone aways with satisfied  ending .we will focus on 2021 with detailed  planing our key products  consist of  monochrome led strip ,CCT series ,dual white  series ,RGB/RGBW series ,fullcolor/digital series,DMX512 series,there are many custozied  type too,more than 400pcs  kinds of led strip,

Below we list 26pcs  LED strip ,which we used a lot for our projects,which is popular  and in stock always ,can meet your project requirments .

Dc24V flex RGB 5050 led strip 120leds/m 10mm width /12mm width optional


Dc24V flex RGB+W 5050 led strip  60leds/m  12mm (4 chip in one 5050 LED)


Thin flex 2835 led strip120leds/m DC24V 5mm width   4.8W  6W  9.6W optional

Below white CCT optional


Dc12V  white digital pixel 5050  led strip ,20Pixels 60leds/m white or other color optional


Dc24V Ditgial music 5050 RGB led strip ws2811  6 pixels 30leds/m ,which used a lot for drum cotrol &music contorl led strip project

DC12V DMX512 5050RGB Pixel led strip  20 pixels  60leds/m ucs512 C3


Dc24V DMX512 5050 RGB pixel led strip ucs512 C3 60 leds/m 10 pixels 30 channels per meter


Dc12V Digital pixel led strip 144leds 48pixels per meter  ws2811  with 15mm


Dc5V Digital sk6812  5050 RGBW pixel led strip  60leds/m  60 Pixels/m


Narrow Digital 5mm  sk6812 5050 RGB Pixel led strip 60pixels  60leds/m


Dc12V Digital 5050  RGB pixel led strip 20pixels  60leds/m waterproof Ip68


Dc24V  CCT dual white flex 2835 led strip 192leds/ 10mm width


Digital D5V sk6812  3535 RGB pixel led strip 144leds/m 25um/25um 4ounce FPCB with 7mm width


Dc24V Digital RGBW  pixel led strip 10pixels  60leds/m TM1814


Dc12V chasing 2835 pixel led strip 9 pcs led make one cutting unit , 108leds/m  white ,red ,other color optional

Dc24V  2835 flex led strip 120leds/m 10mm width CRI>90  25/25um copper with double membrane


Dc12V Digital full color 5050 RGB flex led strip 30leds 10 pixels/m  with 35um/35um 2ounce FPCB

Dc24V flex 5050 RGB led strip 60leds 10 part per meter with high bright 2100MCD with 35um/35um 2ounce FPCB

5 color flex led strip 90leds 10 parts per meter  (5050 RGB +2pcs 2835 white  led to make 5 color)

Dc12V Digtial dual signal  5050 RGB pixel led strip  ws2818/TM1934  10pixels  60leds/m with 35um/35um 2ounce FPCB

Dc12V Digtial 5050 RGB pixel led strip  ws2811  20pixels  60leds/m with 35um/35um 2ounce FPCB

Dc12V sk6813 Digtial 5050 RGB pixel led strip   60pixels  60leds/m with 35um/35um 2ounce FPCB

Dc24V ws2811 /ucs1903/sm16703 Digital 5050 RGB pixel led strip  84leds 96leds per meter optional

Constant currnet  flexible 2835 led strip 90leds  14 parts per meter Dc24V  20M long strip with one power input ,no voltage drop.

Dc12V ws2811 /ucs1903/sm16703 Digital 5050 RGB pixel led strip  84leds 96leds per meter optional.which used a lot for lower aluminium profile to make good lighting effect.

Dc12V Digital 5050 pixel RGB led strip ws2811 20pixels  60leds/m -best seller


Dc24V  Digtial Pixel 5050 RGBW led strip 84leds/m  16pixels/m ,which used a lot together with silicone neon tube .


Flex 2835 led strip 120leds/m 8mm width,which used a lot for house &commercial lighting


all above led strip product ,we sell nonwaterproof Type mainly. can make silicone gel/PU gel coating (waterproof Ip65)  silicone tube (waterproof Ip67) silicone gel filling inside the silicone tube (waterproof Ip68 ) ..can be mounted inside the aluminium profile to make linear led bar too