There is some summary after more than 1000 pcs pixel led strip project


firstly , the power wire and signal wire need to be  separated!

第二要点:单线接DAT,断点续传BI和 GND 拧一起接GND

secondly, for  one dual signl pixel led strip , there is two data wire ,

the second data wire (BI) need to be  screwed together with GND wire  to connect to GND port of led controller !



thirdly : DMX512  lighting needs to set addresses before  program, the wiring is more complicated

DMX512 signal wiring: A/B/ADD/GND as follow


(5V灯带压降到3.2V 就不正常了,所以距离短,按照60灯一米的标准来,也就3米左右白光开始变黄了,也就是需要5米前后补电;

而12V 我们用的板子铜箔比较厚,6米左右才会出现色黄,我们建议0-6米一头供电,6-10米2头供电;24V 降到9.6V 会出现色差,




fourth:How to power up the led strip 

It is not normal for the voltage of the 5V light strip to drop to 3.2V, so the distance is short. According to the standard of 60 lights per meter,

the white light starts to turn yellow at about 3 meters, that is, it needs to be charged before and after 5 meters;

For 12V, the copper foil of the board we use is relatively thick, and the color yellow will appear at about 6 meters. We recommend that 0-6 meters are powered by one end, and 6-10 meters are powered by two ends; 24V will be reduced to 9.6V, and there will be color difference.

We have tested a total of 10 meters of power supply without color difference, so we can supply power at 0/20 meters), and the other transformer has 3 sets of V+/V-, which needs to be twisted into a single output to obtain full power.

There is also a misunderstanding, a transformer can carry 20-25 meters, not 25 meters for one end, but to be scattered to supplement the power, so a lot of supplementary wires will be used,

So comprehensively consider whether it is cost-effective to use a low-power power supply or a high-power + wire cost-effective, and consider it yourself.


The fifth : how to use power wires and network cables


If the network cable is selected correctly, there will be less interference.



sixth : signal amplifier used when there  is the extension line distance is too long during the series connection,

we advice the distance from 1th lighting to led controller within5meter please .


There are also parallel processing of signal interference, which can infinitely expand the synchronization of the signal











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