How to choose the flex pixel led strip, follow us to understand the different types of the led strip light!

Many customers often ask how much is one meter per meter.

First of all, all pixel led strip lights  can be called madrix led strip light , because buying madrix  is only software for control light ,

while light strips are hardware, and also need the cooperation of controllers and transformers.

Symphony lights are also divided into single-point single-control, 3-point 1-control, and 6-point 1-control.

Bare board: All components are exposed on the board. After the machine is patched and reflowed, it is connected to the board. Generally,

it is processed into finished products such as glue/sleeve/silicone/glue/line light. Look directly at the light. The beads are dazzling.




Epoxy: On the basis of the bare board, all machines are dispensed on the dispensing shelf to protect the components.

Put splashing water, moisture and static electricity, the role of dust.

In addition, the light strip of the glue is softer and less dazzling, and can be directly attached to the surface and used on the grape trellis.



take noted this  waterproof Ip65 PU gel coating led strip ,make CCT different for monochrome led strip!

silicone Casing: Putting the light strip into the transparent silicone tube will basically be divided into two categories:

ordinary casing and thickened and highly transparent casing, the cost is doubled. Mainly waterproof and dustproof, grade IP67


Glue filling: On the basis of the light strip casing, inject glue into it, and it is fully sealed to achieve the effect of IP68. It is actually measured that if the water is completely discharged for 2 consecutive months,

The pads will be oxidized, and the actual effect may be occasional soaking in water, not long-term soaking, denying the 6-month warranty period.



Silicone: The main advantage of flexible silicone light strips is that the light cannot be seen, and they are too large in size.

The type of light strip can only be determined by determining the signal.

Deny directly asking how much the silicone light strip is, this is difficult to answer for you.

Dozens of types of silica gel and more than 400 types of 9 types of light strips are not available.



in order to save labor cost and avoid the flexible pcb fracture problem for neon led tube ,

How about try the 2016 /2018 size silicone neon led tube Buckle cover,

you can make  waterprooof led strip for outdoor use !

if you want to long lifespan ,to use the led aluminium profile 

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Line light: It is also called pixel strip, that is, aluminum groove + magic light strip. From the perspective of economical practicability, the most commonly used is the 20x20mm/20x30mm aluminum tank, which is generally equipped with a phantom color of 60 lights per meter. If the height is lower than 2cm, the density of the lamp beads needs to be increased, which will increase the cost. There are also many sizes of aluminum grooves, so generally, it depends on the specific location to recommend aluminum grooves, and then determine the type of light strip.

线条灯:也有人叫像素条,也就是铝槽+幻彩灯带。从经济实用性来说,最常用的就是20x20mm/20x30mm 铝槽,

一般都配一米60灯的幻彩。如果低于2cm 高度,需要增加灯珠的密度,会增加成本。铝槽的尺寸也非常多,所以一般要看具体位置,才能推荐铝槽,然后确定灯带类型。

Take noted  PU /silicone gel coating led strip ,make CCT  High  for monochrome led strip or dual white led strip ,

take noted with silicone neon tube ,will make CCT  slow  for monochrome led strip or dual white led strip ,

Below are summary for different Ip rate for our led strip

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