Which performance is better than 2216 strip light or 2835 strip light , More cost-effective,

The color rendering index of our 2216 SMD  strip light series can reach cri95 +,the existing printed circuit board can meet the high-density structure of 300leds,

and it  is very suitable for smaller size aluminum profiles, with uniform luminescence and no spots, and it can be used in brand exhibition stores, high-end hotels, office buildings, museums, art galleries, hospitals, etc.

High CRI 120 lights/m 2216 LED strip

High CRI 180 lights/m 2216 LED strip

High CRI 240lights/m 2216 LED strip

High CRI 300 lights/m 2216 LED strip

High CRI 420 lights/m 2216 LED strip

1.Lamp bead type:2216

2.Lamp number:120/180/200/240/280/300 leds per meter

3.Color:true white, warm white, cool white



6.FPC board size:10MM

7.IP level:IP30,IP65,IP67,IP68 available

8.Normal is 5M/volume,can also do 10M/volume ,the length can be customized according to customer requirements.

9.Package:inner packing anti-static aluminum foil bag, outer packing standard export carton.

Tips:color,light number and strip light length can be customized according to customer requirements.Welcome everyone to inquire.


Solemn promise: All products will use double panels!

With high-quality electroplated copper plate, good thermal conductivity, and longer life!