Let’s talk about the difference between SK9822A and  apa102 /HD107s/HD108 led

all of them have Data and Clock signal input and output ,which make their signal more stable ,

and as we know there are extra capacitor on the PCB in some led strip ,

as they need capacitor make the signal stable .

and SK9822A and APA102/apa102C  and HD107s and HD108  don’t need it.
APA102 LED in the market is best seller before 2016,

but Taiwan led company  changed the  Packaging process and no good as before ,and out of stock always ,

so many mainland LEd lamp factory bought the apa102 IC chipset from taiwan ,and they package the apa102 led lamp by youself in  china ,

we named the apa102C led ,same work as original apa102 led ,

but there are  many fake APA102 LED , Which PWM rate is not so fast as APA102 ,

The real APA102 PWM refresh rate: 20kHz.transmission rate 20MHZ.
Now New version SK9822A and  HD107s and HD108 led  come out ,

they are  faster than real APA102.

What is the difference between HD108;HD107s ,apa107,apa102/apa102C and SK9822A led strips?

APA102/apa102C : PWM refresh Rate 20 kHz PWM; transmission rate 20MHZ; 8bits
HD107s: PWM refresh Rate 27 kHz PWM; transmission rate 40MHZ; 8bits
HD108: PWM refresh Rate 27 kHz PWM; transmission rate 40MHZ; 16bits ( HD108 is updated version of HD107s ,but with 16bits 65536 greay scales)
SK9822A: PWM refresh Rate 27 kHz PWM; transmission rate 30MHZ; 8bits

Download the detailed technical specification for  sk9822A pixel led here please


Download the detailed technical specification for  HD107s  pixel led here please


Download the detailed technial specifcation for HD108 pixel led here please


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