let us make a summary of our  three  best seller pixel led strip in May 2022

Number one —Dual signal Dc12V Dc24V LB1934A  RGB pixel led strip white/black pcb optiona,  nonwaterproof and waterproof optional!


what is dual signal ,as we know the development of pixel led products, the products are more and more diversified, and the application fields are gradually increasing with everyone’s understanding of LED magic color light strips. Such as engineering lighting, KTV decoration, bar lighting layout, game console lighting decoration, unicycle, twisting car, balance car magic lighting decoration, etc.

In the past, it was basically WS2812B, and the single-line transmission has a weakness, that is, the failure of one of the lights will affect the normal use of the entire light, thereby affecting the overall effect of lighting. With the launch of the WS2813B full-color light bar, it will also replace the previous single-line signal transmission. The so-called LED breakpoint continuous transmission means that the signal adopts a double signal line cross transmission scheme, so that after the signal is interrupted at one point, another spare signal line can bypass the fault point and transmit the signal to the next pixel point. . In this way, the failure can only be caused by a single light not on, but will not cause other lights to not light, and it will not affect the overall effect of the product. Functions that cannot be achieved by single-line transmission LED full-color light strips. Therefore, the LED breakpoint continuous light bar saves the trouble of maintenance, and also makes the installer no longer have to worry about the light bar will be broken.

nonwaterproof black pcb 12v LB1934A 20 pixels 60led with dual signal test video


nonwaterproof white pcb 12v LB1934A rgb led strip 20Pixels 60led /m introduction


nonwaterproof white pcb 24v LB1934A rgb led strip 20Pixels 60led /m introduction 


waterproofIp67 white pcb 24v LB1934A rgb led strip 10Pixels 60led /m introduction( extrustion type )


waterproofIp67 white pcb 24v LB1934A rgb led strip 10Pixels 60led /m  work with H807SA wiring introduction


feedback from our clients today

Number 2- Dc12V DC24V sm16703p ws2811 5050 RGB pixel led strip ,

There is 30led  60led ,84led,96led per meter optional and nonwaterproof and waterproof  and 8mm 10mm and 12mm width optional!

There are three wire , positive and negative + DI (data line), three  line, very reasonable, stable signal, easy to operate. 3 resistors + 1 capacitors, 0805 configuration, can meet the vast majority of engineering needs.

12v sm16703p rgb pixel led strip signal test video (damaged lamp no affect the signal transmittion )


Rose Lighting nonwaterproof white pcb 12v sm16703p rgb led strip 20Pixels 60led /m introduction


Number Threee –12v sk6813 rgb led strip 60Pixels 60led /m introduction with Resistor-capacitor outside on the pcb

(very stable with dual signal function too)



let us make summary about the three best seller 

Dual signal tranmisttion  is a trend, on the other hand  , just to increase the function and sell more price;

If the breakpoint resumed transmission fails 2 ICs in a row, the function of the breakpoint resumed transmission is lost, and the first IC is broken, and this function is not available.

ICs are all very stable processes. ICs are used well. Other circuit boards, lamp beads, capacitors and resistors, SMT and design solutions need to be verified. It is really good to complement each other;

If the light strip is broken, not only the IC, but also the lamp bead, lack of color or leakage of electricity, and other problems will also cause after-sales.

The use environment of the light strip is also quite elegant. When making a case, you must understand the place where the product is ultimately used, so as to avoid it.

At present, the best external IC is 1934 from Tianwei, and the built-in IC is SK6813 from Opscoled.

It is very important to choose a stable supplier.

There is  some Video tutorial Summary on  pixel led strip   in March 2022.(chinese version and english version all show)


First,  Regarding the mixed white light of the  led strip  lighting , due to the position of the light-emitting chip,it causes the difference white light  on the both ends ,  the left side  looks more blue / the right side looks more red.



Second ,How to distinguish the RGB led sequence for pixel led strip .



Third :Smart sp611  led contrller  test  siliccone tube pixel led strip with many patterns  video show


第四:幻彩SPI转DMX512 自带模式解码器,不用编程,直接调用。

Fourth: spi-dmx512  1024 channels led  decoder ,with program inide ,no need to program


第五  滴胶幻彩灯带的模式选择,声控模式与非声控140种模式sp601e,完美匹配市场需求。

Fifth,There are 140 modes of music  control mode and normal  control mode for  sp601e  work with  pixel  led strip with Ip65  gel  coating, which perfectly match the market demand.  enjoy below


第六:单色灯带呼吸效果。可以调节呼吸的快慢,600W 功率足够满足大部分的需求,还支持联机扩展。Monochrome led strip light with breathing effect. The speed of breathing can be adjusted, the 600W power is enough to meet most needs, and it also supports online expansion.


第七:工地神器,可测点数,时序,200种模式,支持2048像素点,几乎市面所有的IC 都可以选。

sp105e is used well for  project ,can test led pixel quantity, timing, 200 modes, support 2048 pixels, almost all ICs on the market can be selected.


第八:公司展厅,迎接未来培训需要,以及开展工地预制灯光方案是摸索。三合一展厅,满足七彩氛围餐饮客户需求;满足酒吧KTV 娱乐场所声光电联动需求;满足舞美客户DMX512控台打碟的需求。

The company’s exhibition hall, to meet future training needs, and to carry out prefabricated lighting solutions on the construction site are groping. The three-in-one exhibition hall can meet the needs of colorful atmosphere catering customers; meet the needs of sound and light linkage in bars and KTV entertainment venues;




第九:H807SA 八口分控与灯带怎么接。收到货后,第一步应该跟安装人员培训,切莫胡乱装上去了,


How to connect the eight-port sub-control  with led  strip light . After receiving the goods, the first step should be to train the installers, and do not install them indiscriminately. The cost of dismantling and re-installing will be large.


第十   分辨市场上普通断点续传灯带灯带 和我们家的


There are customers who ask us why the light strips are so expensive,

of course the materials are different, and the business philosophy is different.
Design: others are 1 resistor and 1 capacitor, we are 4+1, and the head is also protected against reverse connection.
Lamp beads: each lamp bead has a ball to strengthen the wire bonding process
​Circuit board: 3535 copper double-sided film
​Warranty: 5% of defective products will be replaced for free within 2 years; more than 5% of product problems will be replaced at your own expense. Others don’t know.
​We want to use good products in exchange for time and space for sustainable development, rather than changing jobs for a short-term profit.

there is details show about our  dual signal led strip VS Other Normal dual signal pixel led strip.


第11  使用网线作为延长线可以接20米长运用在幻彩灯带上。

Using the network cable as an extension cable can be connected to 20 meters long and used on the magic light strip.


第12  新产品  12mm  96灯 五合一灯带 RGB+2700K+6500K

There is new item : Dc24V  5 Color  RGB+WW+W 5 color in one LED chip 5050 flex led strip 96led/m with white or black pcb optioonal !