Rose Lighting Dc24V pixel led strip light up the weifang Wanda Plaza in shandong 山东潍坊万达广场

Project address:  weifang Wanda Plaza in shandong 山东潍坊万达广场

Lighting Type: Dc12V  Digital  Pixel led bar 10Pixels 60leds/m with dual signal,

Download the detailed  specification for Digital pixel led bar here  please 

(6.85 long per pcs   38pcs)6.85米 38条
(5.75long per pcs   90pcs)5.75米 90条
(3.9 long per pcs  40pcs)3.9米 40条

in total  966meters 

This project is control by programming sd controller K8000C with 8 ports and signal amplifier SP901E  

the 50pcs rainproof led power supply Dc12V 400watt used  for project

The  project accessories and cost as follow;

PictureModelunitquantityunit priceamountproduct specification

You need buy 2pin power cable with size 1.5 mm²  and 3pin extension cable with 0.5mm² locally..


if  you have  any led project need budget or design , contact with us here please(there are free samples and design solution to work your project out )

enjoy our new project and product details as follow if you interest.


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