Rose Lighting dmx512 RGBW pixel led strip light up the Exterior wall outline in jiangmen

Lighting Type:  DC24V  60led 10 Pixel RGBW dmx512 led strip

5meters per reel

Quantity: 460 meters

This project is control by 1 set  H801TC ( Master controller and set dmx512 address ) and  3sets H801RC (Slave controller), this control system support controlled by Internet cloud, local area network and offline.

H801TC (new version name H808TV too,can  support 4G Internet remote control)


And use high quality rainproof quality led power supply  used  for project.

ws2811 pixel  led bar and led power supply and led controller budget as follow

PhotoP/Nunitquantityunit price(USD)amount(USD)product specificationwarranty

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