Rose Lighting 25mm flexible Gird pixel led display light up the leading building outline inlonghua

MR-BF22S GPS Sync controller support 25MM 12V P144 Led grid to light up the Longhua leading building colorful !


DMX512 IC  led pixel light is widely used in the building decoration  due to the fast data transfer speed, high PWM referesh rate , and the most reliable safety .

Above share the project  which is MR-BF22S controller with 25mm Size led gird  , over 130000 Pixels totally ! 


MR-BF22S controller.

1. The maximum load capacity supports 150,000 pixels, which greatly meets the needs of customer projects;
2. Global synchronization between multiple controllers can be achieved by receiving satellite signals, meeting the needs of customers to achieve synchronization of multiple controllers when multiple buildings cannot be connected;
3. The system supports automatic, timing, and holiday preset effects playback;
4. The controller has buttons and an external remote control, which can realize program segment selection, overall brightness adjustment, white balance adjustment, playback speed adjustment, etc.;
5. Support offline one-key fixation and clearing of sub-control ID numbers, which is convenient for on-site application;
6. Support DMX512AP-N/NB, UCS512, TM512, WS2821 and other driver chips to write addresses offline;
7. Support the switch parallel scheme: reduce the length of the system cascade chain to improve stability;
8. It supports dual-channel backup, and the display of a broken controller or broken network cable will not be affected;
9. Independent brightness control of the three primary colors, making precise adjustment of white balance easier and more effective;
10. Support four-color lamps: energy-saving and environmentally friendly, with pure colors;
11. Use Ethernet interface and UDP network protocol for stable transmission, with a maximum transmission distance of 100 meters;
12. The LCD display module displays the controller parameters and status in time;
13. SD card storage, the controller can support up to 32G, and can preset up to 99 program files;
14. Support multiple offline masters to remotely download and update offline programs online;
15. Built-in animation test program, convenient for customers to debug and apply in the project;
16. It can support the mixed use of different types of lamps and lamps of different protocols, with strong compatibility.


DC12V 25MM  DMX512 Led Pixel Grid

1.For each led, DC12V ,0.72W, DMX512 IC Chip .

2.3 pcs black waterproof 3535 rgb led , to make sure the quality and life time of the project. 

3.Customized led pixel density , 7 modules per meter, 144mm between each led . P144 led grid  for this project.


We make it 7 pixel per meter, totally over 18000 meters for 130000 Pixels .

For the led pixel , led grid , they widely used building decoration, bridge decoration, and led panels for advertisement.

We could provide everything including : led pixel / led grid, controller system , support HDMI/DVI, GPS sync, AC110V/220V power Sync , if any project , feel free to send an inquiry and win modarate quotation.


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